Saturday, January 31, 2009

My List of Favorite S things

Well, my prim buds, I had to really think about this one. Here we go: Things that start with S...
  1. The Sacred: I don't pretend to be religious, and I like parts of all faiths. However, there is no doubt in my mind or my heart that there is a sacred, that there is God, and that I could do a whole lot better in worshiping Him.
  2. School: Anything about school, being the professor, being the student, ideally being both! A magical place. I love to learn, and enjoy teaching college kids -- a tough bunch to win over, but they have hidden strengths and talents that might surprise you. (when they are not texting their friends or plugging in their earbuds!)
  3. Shopping: Specifically Thrift Shopping -- love the discovery of hidden prim treasures in the discards of others. Oh, the thrill of the hunt!
  4. Soft: as in the soft, satiny fur of my kitty cat who loves sitting next to me, behind me, or sometimes on me--being patted and stroked. Earning the love of these wonderful creatures is a treat for the heart. Maine Coons slobber when they are purring, so that's always nice having cat slobber all over me!!!! Bleck!
  5. Strength: We all have it and need it. I needed to tap into it when I had breast cancer; and now we all have to dig deep for it until this economic stress is behind us.
  6. Samplers: just love them, and wish I could do some myself. Maybe I should get back to needlepoint?
  7. Sleep: Love an afternoon nap and falling asleep over a good book. Of course, as I get older, sleeping thru the nite is a memory! Those flashes!
  8. Sheep: as in Prim Sheep -- what cute little faces.
  9. Saturday: A day to sleep late (or until a 20 pound fur ball jumps on me) and just indulge myself after a hard week at work.
  10. Sharing: with my family, my friends and new blog-buddies, even my ex BF, who is still a friend.

So there you are! That was a fun exercise -- wow, that stretched my brain! It's been fun reading yours, too!

Have a good nite, all!


  1. Terry~
    Those are very nice! How long did it take you to come up with all of those? It took me FOREVER! And I forgot one important one for my "P" letter....Primitives! How could I?

  2. Great "S"s! :)

    enjoy your day!


  3. Hey Terry..loved them all but number 4 was my favorite..I have one of my babies sitting here as we speak er type..she is needling my arm and has her head buried between my boobs and will drool of is silly Millie..I love all that you said about them...have a wonderful weekend..
    Gina :)

  4. S was a great letter!! I love those things as well!


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