Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anyone ever see the Mummers Parade??

It's bitterly cold here in Philly, so I'm watching the famous and fabulous New Year's parade (aka The Mummers parade) in my comfy and toasty living room (on TV). I used to go to the parade (which lasts about 14 hours!!) but my poor bladder won't last that long any more!

Anyway, how to you explain a Mummer? Mostly, it's these fabulous string bands in these gorgeous costumes -- all amateur, and just sooo Philly. Here's what they look like. As a true Philly girl, it's a tradition I can't miss. The music is very distinctive, and impossible to explain, but it's not New Year's here without the string bands!!

I love following the prim blogs (which are sooo great!) -- but, I noticed that most prim-types are from the 'burbs or from small towns. Most if not all of the bloggers are in their own home (lucky!!) which you can see from their lovely pics. I'm in an apartment in a big city, so prim is not quite as popular here. So, in addition to connecting to fellow-prim-lovers, I thought I'd add a different perspective.

As soon as the parade is over (which is shortened to 6 hours this year because the city can't finance it as it usually does) -- I"m heading out to Walmart, which I think is open today, and get the camera so I can add some photos. About 2 weeks ago, I got into a real twist and painted my living room, dining room and bedroom. Did them in a light beige and I must say that for an amateur, the rooms came out pretty nice. After that, I re-primmed (re-painted) some of my furniture and goodies. Just love it.

Be back soon with photos, I hope!



  1. happy new year to you!.. I can't wait to see your 20 pound maine coon..we have 2 maine coons and she must way between 16-20 pounds..solid..the oldest 17-1/2 weighs about 8-1/2...trying to fatten him up..he has boney butt will love blogland and become very addicted...and meet so many wonderful people...have fun...:)

  2. I don't believe I have heard of that parade. It sure does sound interesting! I can't wait to see your pics...don't feel ike living in an apartment should curb your style (primness). I think home is where you surround yourself with the ones and things you love! ~Beth~


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