Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yet another mason jar!

Haven't had a minute to do anything but work (thankfully from home, so I could watch the inauguration while working) -- putting in 15 hour days to get this project done on deadline. I moved the laptop into the living room (so much for the office!!) -- may have to do some reconfiguring again 'cause I like it in here! One thing I did get to do was another lamp. Had a large mason jar. Filled it with oatmeal that I was about to toss (old, and not on my diet)... and thought.., wait a sec! Use it for the lamp in the kitchen. Can't really see it here, but I love the texture.
So, did everyone watch history being made yesterday? Wow, what a moment. I know everyone was talking about MLK and the dream actually happening, but I had another thought yesterday. I kept thinking of Viola Liuzzo, who was the Michigan mom and civil rights worker who was killed in 1965 by the KKK driving civil rights workers from Selma to Montgomery. She has sort of faded into history, but I thought of her and so many who died in violence making yesterday possible. Quite a milestone for our country.
Well, I STILL haven't gotten my CH or any notice that it's being discontinued. I did notice that the editor of CL resigned, so who knows what direction that mag will go now. Well, I have another 12 hour+ day in front of me, so I better get started... Thought you would enjoy this pic. Have you ever seen a cat so BIG??? Hmmm, maybe I better take him to get groomed -- he's awfully furry!

Dontya hate it when you fall asleep over a good book?? LOL


  1. Mornin! I like your lamp! clever and cute idea for a kitchen :)
    I think (just about) everyone watched as history was being made yesterday! It's amazingly wonderful how far this country has come!!
    Wow, he is a big cat...looks like he may be a spoiled one too ;)

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Love the lamp! What cute way to use those "leftovers"! Lol!

    Kitty sure does look comfy!

  3. Good Morning!!!
    About the camara, go back to my blog and read the comment from Linda, I plan on doing what she says she does. It may take longer but I always love how her pictures look on her blog so it will be worth it:)

    He sure is big but looks so comfy:)

    The lamp looks so sure are on your way to going all prim.

  4. I believe that I was the only one in America who did not watch! I could just kick myself! I forgot to DVR it! Instead I was watching a kids DVD...The story of my life!
    I love that lamp...what a great way to get rid of...I mean recycle old, stale food!
    What is your job that you can work from home and at the office?
    I love my office is anywhere I want it to be!

  5. I LOVE this lamp! what a great idea, and thrify, too!I posted a new jar on my blog today, take a peek and give me some ideas!

  6. Thank you so much for remembering my sister Viola Liuzzo. We now know she did not die in vain.

  7. love the big is your big boy? ours that looks like him is about 16-20 pounds of burning love baby..she is solid...I just love the photos you show of him...way to puurrrreeecious!

  8. I saw your comment over at Rondell's. I don't always have good light I just use different settings and rarely use flash. It might be the camera. My kids gave me mine and it is pretty nifty. My freind Kathy says 4 - 4;30 PM is the best time to take pictures this time of year. Use all your candles and lights but no flash. I hope that helps!! Hugs, linda

  9. Watching the Inauguration yesterday made me stop and think of so many significant historical days that I have been witness to in my 40 that will be the subjects in history classes forever!
    On a lighter note...loved the lamp. It looks great! I like your blog!!
    Take Care,


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