Sunday, January 11, 2009

Outta Control!

Why do you get the best ideas at 2 in the morning? Must be hormonal. I decided my mantle wall and area looked so sloppy. Too many pics on the wall, junkie, just was all wrong. So when I got up this AM, I changed it! Isn't this better? This is the after. Even changed the doilie thing. Neater and more prim.

This is before. Junky! I found the pipe holder at a thrift shop this fall, and can't imagine why I didn't think to paint it (since I paint EVERYTHING!) -- this is how it looks now on the wall. Much better.

I de-junked the top of one of my bookcases, too.
I still have to thin out these books, but I'm thinking I'll wait until it gets a little warmer to lug cartons out to the car. My luck -- I'll slip on the ice in the parking lot!

Finished this teeny-tiny project.

And, I've only been blogging for what, 2 weeks? Already had to change the heading pic. I'm so outta control!! LOL.

Well, ya know the Eagles are playing the Giants today and it's a must win. So, I'm braving the cold, running over to see Mom (and borrow the vacuum again!) so I can get back in time to watch the game.
I'm holding off in buying a new computer until I decide if I should get a laptop or a desk top. The desk top is what crashed over Christmas. I"m getting used to this laptop and I'm sorta leaning toward getting my own, but I'm still not sure. What do you guys think? Which do you think is better?

I have yet another big project in mind, but won';t get to it for a few weeks. My office/den is a total junk room. I'd like to clean it out, prim it up, and have a better environment for when I work at home. More books (!!!!) would have to get packed up, plus I would dump some of the wicker pieces I use for craft stuff storage (picked up at thrift shop, so it won't be painful to dump it.) It's a tiny room, but I use it a lot when I work at home, so I have to get a plan together. I'd have to paint the walls first, so it's a big job to stuff into a weekend, but I can do it when I don't have anything else planned.
Have a great Sunday and....GO EAGLES!


  1. Well I like all your changes! Love your pipe box!!! :) really like that star quilt hanging too! You are just so busy!
    I have both, a desk top in the office and a lap top downstairs...I use my lap top the most...cuz I like it the best! ;)

    Enjoy the game...hope your team WINS!

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Well, it's the Steelers and the San Diego today and of course it has to be a Steeler win.:) My youngest, Chris, will be at the game, such a Steeler fan to brave that cold especially coming off of the 3 rivers!

    I love your mantel it certainly does look primmer ( is that a Isn't it amazing how moving things around does the trick? I also love the pipe rack painted black.

    Have a great day and I hope your team wins:)

  3. Everything is looking good! Your mantel does look so prim!

    I have both computers, but my laptop is my fav!

    Go Eagles!

  4. You did a really nice job "tweaking" up the mantle! I do that a lot...move things around...I love change!
    I have both a laptop and a desktop...I use my laptop 99% of the much more convienent and portable...You are not stuck typing at the same spot all the time...unless you want to be!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi :) I was just going through my latest followers and stopping by a few blogs and ended up here. Love your stuff.

    I laughed when I read what you said in the beginning of this post. I have even gotten ideas for crafts or rearranging in DREAMS. My brain never stops! :)

    I'm another Pennsylvania, the center of the state :)

    Have a great rest of your weekend!


  6. I love all the changes that you made!! Don't you just love black paint! I really love your star quilt!! I sometimes get my best ideas late at night also. I think it is a prim/crafty thing. lol...

  7. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't been blogging very long either. I really enjoy it though. I am a 14 year breast cancer survior too. This may will be 15 years. Wow how does time fly. Love your changes. I need more prim things in my house. LOl Well i'm a Tennessee titans fan and they lost Saturday to the Raven's but i also like the Eagles. I hope they get into the Superbowl!!!!!

    Have a wonderful evening.


  8. Hey Terry, it's me again. I was reading your comment on my new little tin thing that I got the other day was already turned into a lamp/light. I'm just not sure what it was before. So far, most think that was an antique toaster and Gina & my sister think that was a bug lamp. Any ideas?...but it sure is prim cute no matter what it use to be.

  9. That what they were just talking about on the news...Eagles and the Steelers and they were saying how neat it would be:) A PA Super Bowl:)
    Have a great evening.

  10. it must be a prim girl thing. i can wake up in the middle of the night and be thinking of where i could put something or what i could change. lol
    i love the pipe holder.
    i have a desk computer and a laptop. i love my laptop. i am kicked back in the chair, feet up and watching tv... need i say more?? i would love to have a wireless printer to go with it... leslie( my country home) got me into blogging and i love it. i change my headers and stuff all the time. its so addicting ( and easier than moving furniture) :)

  11. Good morning BCP!

    I get ideas right before I go to bed and want to get up, but I can't and then I forget them in the morning LOL I should keep a book by the bed to remember them :)

    I'm sorry your computer crashed! The vacuum too?? I can't believe your mom still vacuums! At 93 I'm hoping I'm the same way :)


  12. LOL - okay - you tolf to say IT ISN'T TRUE!! YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT until March - as I said in my opening lines, it is on the newstand January 29th! yippee!!


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