Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The sun has returned to the east coast!! Yea!

What a week, blogbuds! I'm still reeling over the Farrah/Michael Jackson/Fred Travelina/Ed McMahon/Gale Storm/Billy Mays news -- gosh, all in one week. I guess I'm dating myself, but I do have memories of coming home from elementary school m-a-n-y- years ago, and watching Gale Storm in My Little Margie. I just can't describe the overwhelming feelings with all these tragic passings this week. I was at a business meeting at the Phila airport on Thursday nite, but there was no buzz about the news in the airport -- but, when I left and got into my car and heard the news, I damn near went up on the pavement! Hearing about both Farrah and Michael Jackson at one time was bad, but then there seemed to be one more every day. Very sad to lose all of these pop culture icons all at one time.
But there has been good news in blogland as well, as the cycle of life continues with Linda becoming a grammy at http://behindmyreddoor.blogspot.com/and Lisa's great pics of adorable boys(big and little) at http://primsfromabove.blogspot.com/at ... well , that's the balance we all need to hear and see when the news is so gruesome. So while my post today feels a little trite, I'm thinking that it's time to lighten up a little and think of good prim things!
So, look at this adorable little drawer thingie I picked up last week. I'm keeping it blue (Rondell, you do have influence on me, see?? LOL) I love how it mixes with the setting on the mantle.

Here's a closer pic of it. Just love it!

I really love this tone of blue, and can't imagine why anyone would want to get rid of it!!

Other than this great little find, I haven't had much opportunity to do much around here. Finally, the rain stopped after one month of dreary days. Today the sun is out and the temp is hot, and even I'm not complaining of the heat. Just to see SUN is great. I am off today since I had my post-50 screening colonoscopy early this AM. OMG. In case any of you are gearing up for one -- procedure is a breeze. The prep is torture. 'Nuff said about THAT!! Anyway, I"m thinking that I'll go to the pool today and just chill out from the stress, both personal and news-wise. Yes, Virginia, the sun does shine in Philadelphia!!

And, of course, the BFC (Big Fat Cat) is loving getting back to the window for some sunbathing and fantasy squirrel/bird/bug-chasing. (The squirrels/birds/bugs are real, the chasing isn't ---This boy stays inside!)

Awwww, can't I go out, Ma??? (NO!)
I saw a great post somewhere (don't ask me where -- can't remember whose blog) asking "What Are You Reading? Well, you all know how much I just love my books. This summer, I'm reading all about Lyndon Johnson -- several books. A special treat is a book by Michael Beschloss that I actually downloaded onto my MP3 player, since it is the Johnson tapes from '64-65. Hearing them as they actually happened is so much better than reading about them or reading the transcript. Fabulous. I'm a real JFK fan (the entire family, really) but I think I've read them all -- can't find a new book on JFK or the family. In most cases, tho, I just love to curl up with a 'real' book -- paper, cover, you know -- non-high tech! The old-fashioned way of reading a good book.
What are YOU reading these days?

Hope to pop back for a quick post before the 4th, but just in case I don't -- I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the fireworks!!!

Here's some good news for us Fall/Winter lovers: in just a few weeks, we'll be receiving our FALL edition of Country Sampler!!! Yipeeee! Almost time to bring out the pumpkins!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sleepless in Seattle (I mean PHILADELPHIA!)

Well, it feels like Seattle here!! In fact, I bet Seattle has less rain than we've had in the last month. Every day. Sometimes all day. Even when it's not raining, it is gloomy, dark, and cloudy. Everyone is trying to keep up spirits, but the lack of sun is making people grumpy and irritable. Plants and flowers are rotting from too much wetness, and trees are actually toppling over because their roots and bark are soaked. Today is the first day of summer (and the longest day of the year) and guess what it is doing?? RAINING. OMG, I just may lose it. Will you visit me in the padded cell?? LOL.
I haven't posted all week because I haven't been up to much. In addition to the gloomy weather, we are all anxious about keeping the business going and looking at a real possibility of being sold to another company. I know everyone is going through tough times, so why share my problems? All I can say is that we are now in a day to day survival mode, and if this isn't a real Depression (at least here on the east coast) I don't know what is. So with all this less than pleasant news, I haven't been in the mood to do much around here, and certainly can't do any shopping. But all is not bleak and miserable. When you can't do the real thing, what is better than doing some fantasy shopping? I'll show you some goodies I found a bit later, but first I wanted to show you a little redo that was stimulated by an hour or so of fantasy shopping.
You might remember this, that actually started out as a breadbox a while ago, then went through a few repaints and redos.

Then, I saw this....

I didn't want to change the color of mine (altho I LOVE this one)... but I thought, "what would happen if...." ---so this is what I did with a little black paint and a few small drawer pulls.

here's another view. Cool, huh?

On to fantasy goodies! I found a wonderful shop up in Connecticut called: www.americanheritageshop.com/. Kathy has posted some really inspiring goodies, esp the furniture, which makes me drool. I especially love these two pieces:

I love the color and aging.

And how much would I love to get one of these? I know sooner or later I'll find one locally.
And this setting below is just so warm and welcoming.

Well, all of these goodies are putting me in the mood to do some tweaking! So I'll will see you next week -- but not before I again congratulate my pal Linda from Behind My Red Door on the birth of her new granddaughter! What wonderful news!
Have a good week everyone, and if your weather is anything like it is here-- stay dry!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

creative funk!

This is just how I feel in the summer. My motivation downshifts into low gear, my creativity is put off until "later" (as in AUTUMN) and I am just all blah! We have had a mixed bag of weather here -- lots of heat, lots of humidity, and lots of RAIN. The combo just does me in. So, my dear blogbuds, I haven't had much to share lately because of my blah-ness! Those blogbuds who feel the same way about the heat understand, right???

I have a few things I did last week when the weather was cooler. I have been avoiding the yard sales (so unlike me!) because I don't want to be tempted to buy things I simply don't need. You may remember that I am on a lesser salary now, so I am being careful. Still buying, but more careful what I buy. I did get up to Bryn Athyn last week and got these wooden canisters that I am trying to make into firkin's (trying being the operative word!) No handles, but getting there...

Also got these wooden bowls -- can never have too many of them and still deciding what to do with them. May paint just one.

And I did redo those picture frames...

And I did repaint the stove board but still need to age it a bit....

Awww, even the cat is laying around waiting for AUTUMN. (soon???just 3 more months.....ARGGGHHH!!!)

So, I must shower and get off to work. Your blogs are just chock full of great ideas and great redos! Love them! See you soon when I get some energy back!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Turning 100...

Hi Blogbuds,
Today is my official 100th post, and I must say that this has been a wonderful experience for me! Back in December, I was so nervous about starting this 'blog-thing' -- but I was so inspired by so many of you and your wonderful blogs, that I thought that I just must dive in. I am so happy that I decided to do so. You have inspired me with your stories, both personal and decorating-wise, shared your pictures, your families and friends, your ups and downs. Many of you love TS shopping and redos as much as I do, and you are so much better at the redo!!! More inspiration and ideas-- thank you. You are all an amazing group and I am so happy that I have gotten to know so many of you. So here's to the next 100!
Speaking of TS, I got an email yesterday that there is tons of furniture at Bryn Athyn today, so before I make some sales calls, I must run up there! We are expecting thunderstorms (AGAIN) today, so I'm thinking I better go on the way, rather than at the end of the day. Maybe I can pick up some new goodies! Just the thought is making me salivate. LOL.

So, I mentioned last week that I tossed out my old loveseat (still have the black/blue marks to show for it!) I moved my desk down to that space and it opened up the area in my bedroom so it doesn't feel cluttered.

By the way, I've already changed this lamp out to another one, but haven't done a pic yet. So that opened up a corner where I placed my old painter's chair.

I just don't have the heart to repaint it -- it is the original red and the original chippies from someone's years of hard work, so I am leaving it as is.

Oh, and I received my new table cover from one of my favorite places: https://www.circa1820.com/catalog/index.php

Of course, Mr. Hairy Fat Lazy Furrball thought it was the perfect place for a quick nap. By the way, you can see my office/work stuff is sitting along the walk in the dining room. Because of the placement of the cable cords and such, I work at my DR table every day. Haven't figured out a way to disguise the printer, the office phone, etc. If you have any ideas, share them! I"m open to any and all ideas!

I love this color and it is a nice change from the black/beige.

So that's it for today-- I'm off to start my day. I hope yours is great!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Where does the time go?

Have you ever noticed that your vacation week goes by faster than any other week?? How is that? LOL. I had an odd week -- busy at the beginning, then caught some kind of virus and had the worst chills and joint aches -- bleck. Then felt fine in about 2 days, but took it easy. Sat out on the deck with a good book, relaxed, saw friends. Which reminds me, one of my very dear friends bought a home in Media, PA and I went to see him (finally) while I was off. It's the CUTEST thing!! An old farmhouse -- red shutters, long windows, lots of flowers and land...small rooms... I was drooling. And he loves to do TS trips -- ahhh, what the economy is doing to people! LOL -- I should have opened one and would have made a fortune now!!
I have gotten so much done, but haven't downloaded all my pics yet -- I'm constantly fixing here and there because it's time for a new slide show for sure! So in it's place (and since I have my drool rag nearby!!), I'll show you some eye candy for your pleasure. These are off the Internet -- can we talk fabulous here?? First of all, remember a few weeks ago, Linda from http://behindmyreddoor.blogspot.com/ and I were going on and on about Aunt Daisy's in Emmaus, PA. Here is why..... look at this stuff... perfection.
This is their common room.... and... will ya just look at this hanging desk?? Oh, be still my heart!

and what a great idea for a laundry area -- a dry sink and fabulous goodies.
Then I came across this lovely dining area, not sure where I saw this, but it looks very familiar! I bet this belongs to one of you!

I guess one has to have the perfect house to place all these treasures, so I found that too.

This one works for me....

of course, I wouldn't turn this one down, either...

Hmmm, this is starting to look like Historic Williamsburg....

and then there is:

Mount Vernon!!! I remember my mom and I went there years and years ago (it was SO HOT in Washington in August) -- but I'm thinking I may take a weekend this summer and go back to revisit it. It is truly a lovely place on the Potomac River. George and Martha did it right, that's for sure!

Ok, I must go get a new drool rag now, so I will say bye bye and show off some finished projects (maybe) tomorrow. The only thing I haven't done is put the shelf up over my patio door -- I don't have a 7 foot shelf. That will come soon, maybe this weekend after a trip to Home Depot.

Have a good nite, everyone! (Sorry, Gina, no kittie pics tonite!)