Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look what the mailman brought me!

A CAT'S TALE (tail)
I'm feeling up for a little excitement. Nothing good for me to "accidently" delete on the computer today. (heh, heh...) Wait -- someone's at the door.
Ohhh, look!! A big box!
Oh, cool. I see that it's made in the good old USA. I want IN THE BOX. Gotta explore and all that stuff. So undignified, but I just can't help myself.
Gee, wonder what she bought this time? hmmm, too big for a book...must be somethin' I can jump on!
Oh WOW! It's her new bed cover!!! Great! Something new for me to sharpen my claws on !!! Awww, ain't it nice how she always thinks of me?!
Ewww, I like this thing! Hey, let me bring up my sock toy and play a little, ya know...sniff it out, make myself at home on bed. Hey, wait a minute!! Watcha doin taking the curtains down!?
OK, I like them. They can stay.
Oh, man this sock tastes good... like cat nip. Yum!

Well, if she was gonna keep taking my picture, the least she could have done was to give me time to wash up and make myself presentable. ohhhh, the cat nip is making me drowsy (YAWN)... I think it's time to take a little snooze. I've been playing for 20 minutes already!Just a little one, cuz now she's gonna start that tweaking business again!! Oh, well, I guess the story will have to be continued tomorrow.... meanwhile, I need just a oh-so-short nap (YAWN)... a cat's life is really tough, ya know. oh yeah, I'm sooo worn out. Guess I'll hafta pick up the story tomorrow... nitey nite!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goodies from the mailman

I love to come home to goodies from the US Mail! I finally got my new CS yesterday, plus my curtains came. I'm thinking I'll wait until the bedcover comes before I put them up, IF I can wait another month. If I get ambitious over the w/e, I'll put them up -- just can't decide. The kitchen might be my project this w/e. I stopped by the TS on my way home from work yesterday, and lookie what I picked up for $1.00!
Remember, I picked up Mary Emmerling's first book from the 80's a few weeks ago for the same price. Some great pictures in this one... I just love to curl up with a cup of coffee and just look through these books and dream...
I'm sorta getting overtaken by all of my books here, so I'm hoping to sort through a bunch and bring them to the TS on Saturday. I have a BUNCH of Shabby Chic/Rachel Ashwell's, so if anyone wants them, drop me an email and I'll be happy to send them to you.
Isn't this candle holder pretty? Picked that up at the TS, too. It's sitting on the unusual cutting board I picked up on Saturday.Haven't shown you the furball lately. He must have brushed up against some paint because he had a nice patch of goo on his fur that I had to cut off yesterday. He didn't like that, so he swiped my big chair and took a nap. LOL. Such a love bug.I'm still not sure what's going on with Google, so I disabled the security on the comments section. Other than that -- it's time to go to work! So glad that 10-ton Tess sat on me this morning or I would have overslept. You never need an alarm clock if you have a cat! Have a great day -- can you believe we start the Easter season today? I haven't put away my Christmas stuff yet!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Google Problem with "comments"

Not sure what the deal is, but Kath and Janene let me know that the security feature on Comments gets stuck at "loading." I d/c'd it for now -- apparently this has been reported to Google by other users. Hope it gets fixed quick! Sorry for any inconvenience!!

jug lamp redo

I found it! There is a kit to make lamps out of jugs (Janeen, stop laughing. LOL) I found the every last one at my local AC Moore yesterday. Maybe you all know this and I'm a latecomer? I was soo excited to find this! So here's what I did with one of my smaller jugs... (ok, there HAS to be another way to say this!! LOL)
The sprocket just connects to the opening and you have a new lamp.
Pretty cool, eh? Now that I know this works, I will convert a larger jug that I have been passing by at the concession shop. I'll pick it up this week, and find another kit.
I also did a little bathroom tweak. Nothing big -- I was tired last night and hit the sack early.
Today is Fat Tuesday so I have to bring donuts to the office. I will not indulge -- not crazy about donuts anymore...especially after WW -- lost my taste for them. My colleagues love to eat junk, tho.
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

Monday, February 23, 2009

redo updates

Good morning, blogbuds!
I've been a busy little bee this weekend. I'm still working on the bedroom, so I won't show you finished pics until it's done, and I get my new curtains and my new bedcover. Oh, how I hated to spend x-tra $$ on these essentials, but I thought I'd do my part to stimulate the economy (is that rationalization, or what??!!). The curtains I ordered from Piper Classics. I really spent hours looking at websites for curtains, because I wasn't at all sure what I wanted. I have to be able to close the curtains at night so that my neighbors don't get a cheap thrill, and sometimes in the daytime as well since I get direct sunlight into the bedroom. So I finally opted for these:
The bedcover I really splurged on, but I really wanted a weaved cover as we get closer to the warmer weather (poo, I love the cold.) This is the pattern:
The curtains will be here in a few days, but the cover won't be here for 6 weeks.

Someone once said that you really don't see something until you see it in a picture, and that's true when it came to me and my bedroom! I didn't like how uncoordinated it felt. So, I did some repainting and some primming. I'm not fond of this dresser, but I need it to store my clothes (!!). Also moved my absolute favorite TS find from last year over to the other wall. And one of the new candle sconces is up, and balances out the other TS sconce from a few weeks ago.
Here's a closer look at the redo of the two sconces.

The other redos came out pretty nice,too! I decided to use the candle box in the kitchen to store my coffee, which is always out slopping up the counter. I repainted it a brownish-black to keep it looking aged.

And, I am so proud of this little idea! You know I'm always drooling over jug lamps, but they can be pretty expensive. I took a smaller jug with a wider mouth and did this:

I took some hot glue and those lamp-makers you see in craft stores and waaalllaaahhh! Now I need a nicer lamp shade to match. I need to stop at AC Moore in my travels today, so I want to see if they have other sizes that may fit a real jug. Lets see, what else did I do? Moved some things around in the living room...

Remember this bowl? Finally got some time to sand it down...
So that's about it for now -- when I finish the rest of my projects, I'll show them to you!
I wanted to tell all my animal lover blog buds about this adorable show that was on Nature last week (missed it) and then I happened to see it yesterday on cable. It is SOOO cute! I am adding the link for it on my sidebar (once I figure out how to do that!) -- you can see it online. Talks about the incredible bond between cat and dog people and their animals. It was great and you'll love it! You should see these adorable animals!
And I found this great picture at the concession shop which really grabbed my heart. It's a pic of a nurse (c 1908) in a Good Housekeeping ad for some soap... look at the beautiful detail!

I know it doesn't quite fit my prim-ness, but being a nurse, I have always loved old objects from the history of nursing. They reveal the changing culture in so many ways.
Well, I had better get my tush moving and get to work. Hope everyone has a great day! It's r-e-a-l-l-y cold and windy today, but we never got any snow yesterday. Guess it got stuck out in the Midwest and up in New England! Stay warm and toasty!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

TS Bingo!

Hi PrimBuds!
I wasn't even expecting to hit the TS today, but I was early for my manicure appt, so I had some time to check out if there were any goodies on the shelf in my favorite TS. Lookie at these finds!!
I love this candle holder! I will carefully redo this one -- look at the panels on the back!!
I just love it! I also found an unusual breadboard that has a name carved in the wood. No work needed on this one -- I'll leave it as is and hang it.
And a 2- for-1 wall sconce! Guess what?
There are 2!! (For $1.25!!)
So I will be busy the next few hours!! Tomorrow, I'll post the Bedroom redo and what I did with all of these goodies! Hope you're all having a good weekend! I'm in TS heaven!! Did I hit the jackpot, or what!?!?!? LOL!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We Have a WINNER!

I think Janine from is a winner all of the time, but-- she is an extra special winner of my 50th post giveaway! So, Janine, email me your address and your goodies will go out next week!! My GF (who HATES computers and thinks I'm nuts for voluntarily being on line and blogging!!) picked her name from the trusty dixie cup in my car after WW tonite...which, BTW, sucked because I GAINED 3 pounds. THREE. So much for sneaking pretzels. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your goodies, Janine! I think you are all winners because you are all so talented!
I have been super busy this week with work and getting home late from the office. Had to go in the office all week -- usually have at least 2 or 3 days working at home, but not this week. Haven't had much blog time, but I have been reading your posts and seeing all of the great stuff this week. Hope to get some pics on this weekend -- wait till you see what I did with my bedroom. I said I had an acute case of tweakitis, but I REALLY did some stuff with my bedroom -- just not done yet. You can tell by the look on the furball's face that "I'm at it again... better hide up here on the window sill and stay out of the paint bowls." So, I hope to get it done this w/e and I'll post the latest tweak'ed room.

I haven't gotten my Country Sampler Home Tours yet!! :>( I so hope it comes tomorrow!!
Well, better get some dinner -- it's after 9 and I'm starving (even with..count'em..a 3 pound weight gain!!) You know this will be off by my next meeting!
It's almost the w/e!! Yeaaaaaaa!!! No stress eating for two days! LOL.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#50! and..tweakitis again!

Well, my dear blogging buds, this is my 50th post! I can't believe how timid I was to do a blog only two months ago. And now I post everything. LOL. Anyway, it has been great using this blog to get to know you all and share such great ideas. You guys are just so creative, and I steal so many of your great ideas! LOL!!

The acute tweakitis is getting ridiculous! (Help, I can't stop!! LOL) I moved some stuff around to balance the dining room....
Then I had to move some pillows around in the bedroom...
oh my, definitely time for a bedroom redo... next project.
Then I had to move the candle thingie from the DR into the bedroom... (which looks so much better in there)...

Then I had to do some rearranging around the fireplace... (hmmm, thinking about re-staining the chair which is like 50+ years old and was in my brother's bedroom since he was a tot...) and look at my sweet hairball posing so nicely...

and then the mantle needed some thinning out...

which of course meant I needed to move the firkin to a new place of honor...

My case of tweakitis is getting out of control! Will need to see the tweak doctor (aka the thrift shop!) Have a good day -- gotta get back to work! Do any of the rest of you have acute tweakitis or do I have an isolated case?? :>)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

So many plans, so little time

Hi Prim Buddies!
First of all, thanks to all of you who thought about and/or reacted to my last post and left me your comments. Whether you agreed or disagreed with what I said about our current state of affairs, I appreciate that we are all good citizens and have the blessed right to share our opinions. Now that the stimulus bill has been passed, I so hope that things become at least a little easier for all of us. I had so many plans this weekend, but it went by way to fast, and I didn't get to half of it. Remember I told you about my ottoman that upped and collapsed a few weeks ago? The furniture store sent a repairman over on Saturday, and he fixed it like that (snap!). He showed me how shabbily the frame had been stapled (STAPLED????? for that $$$???) so he drilled nails all of the way around and reinforced it. He also told me never to by an ottoman with casters, because the casters are not placed properly and can't bear the weight. (good to know for the next time). So, anyway, by the time he left, it was late afternoon and it was time for this. (Is there a head in there somewhere?) Appropriate pillow for V-Day, huh!?!?!
After a short little nap, I decided it was time for some tweaking in the kitchen. I decided to repaint my jelly cabinet. Here's the 'before' in my 'mustard' phase...
And now, in a warmer brown...

And then didn't I just see the fabulous pics on Linda's blog and there was my jelly jar in brown!!! Wow! What a fabulous link she added to check out -- and I could easily get onto that prim/colonial gray. What a great color. BTW, the chicken sitting on top is a family heirloom -- started with my grandmom, then my little mom, and she gave it to me last year.
I had to do something with the little bookcase that was sitting on top of it, so I repainted it. For now its in my dining room, but I'm not sure where it will finally end up.
I also found this little miniature cabinet on a shelf in my closet, but it was that old hunter green. Went unused for years! So I repainted it and will add some little grunged tea candles just to fill the shelves. That's all I got to this w/e, because as planned, I did the taxes for my mom and myself. Here it is Sunday nite-- I never got to clean out my hall closet, but I'll get to that this week. I can only imagine what goodies are stuffed in there waiting for a redo!
I forgot to tell you that I did have a good weigh-in last week at WW -- lost 1.4 pounds! One of my meeting buddies had this cup with her. I had no idea that both Dixie and Chinette make these cups with a lid-- an idea to save some money by taking my own coffee when driving around, instead of leaving $$ at my local Dunkin Donuts. What a great idea!
So, that's my weekend news... hope everyone enjoyed V-Day and has a good week... don't forget my giveaway deadline is WEDNESDAY --and all are welcome to enter! (Lurker followers are welcome!)