Sunday, January 4, 2009

Any snow out there???

So many of you have had snow -- lots of snow! -- and I'm so jealous! We haven't had anything but little blips of flurries. I don't want a blizzard, you understand, because I hate to drive in it --- but just one goodie would be nice. It was almost 70 degrees here on Christmas eve --- I love the winter and the cold, so I was pretty uncomfortable. Of course, here in Philly, if we have more than 5 flurries, everyone panics and they close the schools! Anyway, yesterday it was so warm that I decided to get the car washed -- I figured after spending $900, the least I could do was wash off the bird doo-doo. Didn't have to worry abut anything freezing since it's so warm. :<(
This is how the city looked last night -- pretty.

Well, here's one of those apartment vs. house issues I have to deal with. Storage. There just isn't any! First, there aren't many rooms, and second, I can't really change the layout so I have to work with what I have. I look at those gorgeous rooms on your blogs and I just drool!! Especially those huge kitchens! Yum! For an apt, I have a nice- sized kitchen (considered at 'eat-in') but between crafting and cooking, I have to do it in there. Here's a peek.

This is the counter space near the sink.
On the other side of the kitchen, things are really tight! I took my old farm table that lost its legs, and laid it on top of old unusable cabinets so that I have extra usable space. I have my microwave and dishes (!!) on the farm table, and use shelves, shelves shelves. I think it looks sloppy, but what can I do. The jelly cabinet hold my food and stuff. Another prim shelving hold my dishes. BTW, the walls are beige, not white. Of course I have to add some prim things on the wall!! I love this thingie made from an old muffin tin.

So this is my cramped little prim kitchen. Love to hear if any if you have any ideas to de-clutter it?!?!?

There's been a lot of sad news out there. John Travolta's son -- how sad. And, you may have heard on the news about the trauma surgeon from University of PA that was killed in Iraq on Christmas Day. His funeral is tomorrow here in the Cathedral. I met him several times and conferences and things, and he was just the nicest, most giving and talented human being. The loss is hard to grasp, and so terribly sad. He was very concerned about the gun violence here, and was actively commited to stopping it. What a loss for his family and for us.
Well, my little mini-vacation is about over and things go back to normal tomorrow -- back to work! I've had a chance to relax these past few days, but it's time to get back into my normal routine. I'm so pleased that I used these few days to get familiar with blogging and my new camera! I'm addicted!! (can you tell??? LOL) You are all so nice and so creative -- and I've noticed that so many of you live in Ohio! The prim capital of the world, eh??? Such pretty towns and homes. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday...go Eagles!


  1. Hello, I stumbled across our blog last night..yeah another prim lover from Pa. I have cousins that live in Philly, and I used to go there every weekend when I was a kid while my grandparents were still alive.
    Love that you take second hand items and redo them, I do the same thing.

  2. Good morning!
    Love the city at night just beautiful.

    You asked about declutering, take out what you don't like and keep only the things that you love and say wow! Try it and I think you will see a different look that you will love:)

  3. Terry, everything looks just great! But any prim lover will tell you that we never stop "tweaking"! Lol! Hey stop on over to my blog....I have an award for you. ~Beth~

  4. Hi Terry! Welcome to Blogland!
    I saw ya over on Beth's blog and ventured on over! I'm from PA too!
    Boy there are LOTS of prim lovers in PA! ;)
    I'm up near Lake Erie...Lots of SNOW up this way! :( You can have it! LOL!
    Congrats on your award!
    Many happy blessings in '09!


  5. Hi..Welcome to meet the most wonderful kindreds thru the blogs!! I hope you do get a chance to stop at the store - be sure to let me know who you are!! Oh yeah...I am a Weight Watchers drop-out...maybe you are my incentive to get back to it!!! Happy New Year, Judy

  6. I am so glad that you stopped over...Thank you for you words of encouragement, I so need them!
    I too would love a good snow storm! I don't like to drive in the snow, but I do love to watch it come down!
    I love looking at everyone's is so wonderful to get ideas from them!
    My kitchen is teeny tiny, check out my second post...I have to feed 8 people from this! But my dream kitchen is only in magazines and other peoples homes...LOL
    Have a great week and I'm looking forward to reading more!

  7. Hi Terry,
    I just found your blog...welcome to blogland.
    I saw that I am on your blog list. Thanks for visiting me at my blog...I hope you will come by sometime and chat with me. I'm adding you to my blog list and I will be back to visit you often.
    Your kitty is adorable and your kitchen might be little, but it is prim wonderful!!

  8. Hi Terry :)

    Welcome to Blogland!! Thank you for the really sweet comment :)

    I don't see any tweaking needed myself. Your kitchen is really cute!

    Question... what do I do with the bread and salt once I bring it in the house??



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