Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nifty Thrifties!

So, yes-in-deeedy, I picked up 3 goodies at the hospital thrift shop! The first is the great wooden candle holder ($2.00) -- tell me, should I paint it black or leave as is??
I also picked up this great shelf that I will paint black for $5.00.

And, finally, a very pretty hurricane lamp that will fit a tea candle safely. Will probably just clean up the silver and leave as is...??? What do you think? Paint or leave as is?? The glass is so thin and dainty -- I will break it for sure! Probably soon -- I'm such a klutz. Hey Janene, I think I will KEEP all of these nifties!!! LOL!!


  1. Darn!
    How could you be so selfish?
    I would paint all the wooden pieces black and distress them!
    The silver candle stick I wouldn't polish...Leave it as is and put a grubby candle in it!
    Wait until you see my goodies (And by that I mean my thrift store finds!!!)

  2. I agree with Janene, I just painted a wooden candlestick black and I like it so much better.
    I love the silver candlestick and I agree just put a grungey candle in it and wal la:)

  3. Yup-I agree with the two before me :)
    Black--Black -and leave as is!
    Nice stuff!!


  4. I agree with the rest of the girls. Black, black, and grungy candle. Have a great evening.


  5. Hey there Hit on her name (pody ann) and it will take you to her voting site...


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