Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's snowing (well, sort of...)

Looks like I got all excited for nothing! We had like 5 flakes, a little dusting, and that's it. I hear that the 'real' storm is coming later today, but it will probably be more sleet/snow and rain. It is bitter cold, tho (which I love) and is about to get even colder (well, I can't say I love wind chills of -10, but it is January!). The streets will get really icy, so it's a good day to be inside.You can see the skyline -- a little bitty snow on the roofs and that's about it. Anyway, I didn't want to take any chances, so I got all my outside errands done this morning, and now I'm having a nice hot cup of coffee and about to do some contracts for work... but not until I took some down time and did a little crafting. Not much, but enough to make me feel like I could make a few little changes.
So, I totally went bonkers over Rondell's mason jars. Had to try my hand at it with some vintage labels I picked up at AC Moore. No where near as nice as hers (!!!) but decent enough to leave out. What do you think?
On this one, I had painted a mason jar with a rusty red craft paint, and decided I liked it. I just burned the edges of the label a little to age it up a little, and it came out ok. Not great, but looks ok in the BR on the repainted black cubbie-hole thingie I showed you earlier this week. I had tried this before (burning the edges) and it came out like this...
I liked the look, and it adds some color next to the yellow-ware mugs. This was a very early attempt at crafting that I saved.
Then, I decided to change a little box I had. I can't say the idea was mine -- I saw it in an old copy of Country Sampler that I was looking through last night (I'm so ready for my new Country Sampler! When's it coming??) I started with this.
Painted it out with that same rusty red and a little brown, painted a thread spool, and added the stars. Done.
Finally, I just fixed up a little thingie I had on a bottom shelf not doing much of anything. Just added the apples sign and tag and primmed it up a little bit with some rag balls. Moved it to one of my tables.

So that's it for today -- I have tons of work for my job that I have to finish up later...but since it's cold and grey outside... and since I've been up since 6a....and since the kitty looks so comfortable...this is what I'm going to do now.... I think he's got the right idea! Nap time!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm off to take a little snooooooze..... By the way -- anyone have any ideas on what to do with coffee cans (the little tin ones, not the big plastic ones). I hate to toss them, but I can't think of anything to do with them!


  1. Oh I love your jars and how your labels look on 'em.
    You've been bsy crafting away...I like all your added touches!!

    Love the view of the skyline!

    happy nappin'! ;)


  2. We didn't get our snow either...I was so dissappointed:( All we have had all day is rain and really dreary out.

    You sure have been busy!!! I like what you did with the jars...I never thought to paint them first, great idea!

    I too love the veiw of the skyline how neat!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  3. I love all of your little crafts! They look so nice!

  4. How adorable! I loved Rondell's jars too!
    With my luck, if I tried buning the edges, I would burn my house down! But it would be something to try outside!
    I love that skyline! Is that the view from your window?
    If so you are a very lucky girl!!
    Have a nice relaxing night!

  5. So where did all the snow go? We didn't get the big storm here is my part of Ohio wither. They were calling for ice than 4 to 7 inches of snow...we got a little ice, then it warmed up enough to melt it and never got any snow.

    I really like what you did with the jars. I've never painted any, but did some up with machine embroidered labels instead of paper.

    Have a great Sunday,

  6. I love the redos on everything..i was in tidy mode today after a grocery spree..had to organize the cabinets..then under the sink..then my bill bin..everything is nice and tidy now...I love your after photos..and of course your adorable kitty..on the coffee can put string in them and poke a hole in the top so you can easily pull it could decopauge or paint the cans to make them more prim...have a good one..our puppy has kept me busy..I have so much blogging to do..I am hoping tomorrow..have a good one...
    Gina :)


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