Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one teeny tiny redo

Hi blogbuds,

Well, the heat wave finally broke, and how happy I am. It's a little rainy and damp here in Philly today, but I love it. Finally dipped down to mid-50s.
I have one small redo to show you -- isn't It great how we can 'borrow' (aka steal!) ideas form each other? Rondell had this cool idea to pewter-ize using paint, so I decided to try it. I didn't spray paint it -- too small an item -- but this is what I did to a lamp I had done in black a while back...

I love how it came out! Thanks, Rondell!

I really should be working right now, but I was having a hard time staying focused on work. I would love to just have a few days free to craft and tweak... oh well. Will be taking a few days off at the end of May.

My baldy boy looks like a little squirrel with big ears. He doesn't even take up the entire chair any more!! LOL. Nap time, as usual. (see that Sweet Annie pack peeking out?? I took the suggestion and found it on the Internet!) No way I can buy it here in Philly.

Well, my dear Wednesday bloggers, I had better get back to work.... have a great day and enjoy the cool weather! Will check back and see what you all have been working on today.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100th post giveaway!

Hey bloggers! I'll be approaching my 100th post (yeah, can you believe it!?) in just about 2 weeks or so! I'd like to show my appreciation to my blog followers by offering this little prim giveaway..
This giveaway includes:
  • a nice big bunch of everyone's new favorite -- Sweet Annie!
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  • all of the goodies in a wooden tray (with handle which is covered by the Sweet Annie)!
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That's it! My email addy is in my profile.

Nothing else new from this end.... my little mommy FINALLY got her new air conditioners installed yesterday (it was only 90 degrees -- the poor installers were sweating big time, as was I!) -- so she's happy. I told her (only half-joking) that the temp was rapidly approaching her age!! The unseasonable heat is supposed to break tonite after a big thunderstorm, so I will say goodnite~ hope everyone is ok~ I've been reading everyone's blog and drooling over your great pics!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi Blogbuds,
Why would I be inside on a beautiful sunny Sunday, you ask? Because it is 90 degrees again!! Yuck!!!! Like so many other bloggers that I've been checking in on, the a/c is officially 'on' for 2009. It was brutal yesterday as well, so I ran errands (as you'll soon see) but opted to not go back to Elfreth's Alley yesterday. First of all, the city is usually a few degrees hotter than the 'burbs because of the high rises and cement. Second, I heard that the gift shop doesn't really have goodies -- more like tourist-y stuff. So, it was sure not for me yesterday, esp in a sudden heat wave! But I did get some stuff done, including a trip to the TS!

Sometimes a haircut can be transforming, yes? I've heard that it can make you look thinner -- but how about 1/2 the size you started out as?? Check this before and after -- LOL!

Poor thing could barely clean his back he was so fluffy. And I brush him daily, too. After:

Tee hee!! Yes, it is the same boy, but after a trip to the groomer. He looks a little bald and about 1/2 the size! The floor was just covered with hair as he was shaved, and trimmed, and now he looks (and acts) like a baby. He is strutting around with quite a 'tude -- jumping on everything he was toooo hairy to risk before! He's being very mischievous today. I get him groomed yearly as it gets warmer so he not covered with all that hot hair. He's looking a bit scrawny, but he's happy and funny. By the fall, the hairy boy will be back. The groomer just loves him -- he's so good when he's getting pampered. Most cats hate it, but not this one.
After I took the lazy boy home, I took a quick trip to the TS and picked up a few things.

Picked up this little goodie for all of $1.00 and turned it into this...
And, I picked up this for 75 cents... did a little re-paint...

to this...

I love this candle snuffer that was only $2.00.
Last week, I did a little grouping in the kitchen -- just turned the crate sideways.

And that's about it!! So what did you do this weekend? Is it hot where you are??

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elfreth's Alley (part 1)

I had to go to Olde City for a business meeting, so I thought since I'd be near Elfreth's Alley (highlighted in my virtual tour few weeks back) -- I would stop in the museum store and see what goodies I could pick up. Of course it was raining (again) -- but would I let that stop me?? Nooooo! So....I clicked my high heels down the cobblestones... holding an umbrella in one hand and a camera in the other....
uh oh... it's awfully quiet around here today....doesn't look like they're quite ready for tourist season either....looking for #124...getting tingly... can't wait to go crazy in there and buy out the shop! This is pretty cool -- opened in 1755-- just yesterday! LOL... I want that chair!

Oh, I wonder what's behind that red door ( with apologies to Linda!!) -- is this cute or what??
I'm getting closer! High heels still clicking....ohhhh, those primitive colors on the shutters and the doors!I wouldn't mind having one of these attached to my about you?OH NO!!! Say it isn't so!!! CLOSED TODAY!!! I have to go back this weekend?!?!?! When it's 85 degrees! And no place to park!! OH NO!! Oh well....can't win 'em all!!But look at this little cutie in the window! Oh well.... stay tuned for PART 2!! When I go back this weekend, I think I'll tour the homes inside... should be great!! Believe it or not, Olde City is only 20 minutes from home. See ya Saturday, cutie!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love that mailman!

Ohhhh, I came home from work yesterday and found a BIG box in front of my door!! Dontcha love when that happens? It was my fabulous giveaway from Beth at Raggedy Angel How sweet of Beth to find the time to mail this while redoing her new house!! Some wonderful treats were in the box....

A wooden bowl just chock full of Sweet Annie (which I cannot find ANYWHERE here in Philly) and some homespun wrapped in ribbon...and...a the cutest sign... THANK YOU BETH!! I love my goodies!!

Speaking of giveaways, I will be approaching my 100th posting in about two weeks, so I am planning my own special giveaway. Stay tuned for more info!

I just HAD to do a redo when I got home last night, stiff and sore as I was. I wish I could show you the before pic, bit of course that went bye-bye when the old laptop crashed. It was a GW that had a coffee sign on it. Ahhh, didn't like it. So, I did the green-blue first coat, then the black, then sanded.

Can't quite see the undercoat here, but it is there. Much better!
Did you see those glorious pictures of Scotland over at Robyn's blog? -- if not, click over there -- it's a real treat. Lovely.
Well, this must be a shortie as I am on my way out to try to drum up business. Things still pretty tense -- hospitals laying off nurses like crazy. Unbelievable, really.
Have a great day -- it's getting warmer here (boo hoo) after a nice rainy cold day yesterday. It's gonna jump into the 80's on Saturday. Yuck!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The living room redo is DONE!

Good morning blogbuds!
I must say that when I am determined, I'm determined!! What a weekend! Every muscle (even those I didn't know I had!) is aching, but the paint job is finito! It will be another 10 years before I do this again, trust me! This job was a tougher than I expected; I guess because I decided not only to paint the room, but to move the furniture around as well. So I am stiff and sore, but I really like what I accomplished. These pics are not the greatest, because the light is really pouring in, but I think you'll get the general idea.I painted the walls a neutral beige, which matches what I did in the dining room at Christmas. It is a tad darker than the pics make it look.
The sofa is now on the short wall , and the fireplace and bookcases are moved across the room to the long wall.
I love this wooden plate I found at the concession shop last week. It looks hand-done, but I can't tell. No marks on the back.Very prim!

This is the wall that a had a zillion pictures and other pieces of crap hiding the holes, and all old bookcase marks and drill holes. Now spackled and painted and much cleaner and simple. Getting this wall done made the whole thing worth it. I just hated all the damage I had done to it over the years.

I found this spice rack at the same shop I found the wood plate, I liked it because it is a little different, with the grill work on the back. Two great finds!

So, I hope you like the redo. It is so much more comfortable less cluttered, and with clean walls with some space! Of course I'll tweak things until they are just perfect (until the next tweak!) but for the moment, this looks so much larger and roomier.
I still have 2 more big projects. Lisa from has inspired me to tackle my laundry area, which luckily is behind folding doors-- what a royal mess! And, I have to again do my den, which I just did a few months ago and is now a junk room again. But I won't start them for a while -- I need a rest after yesterday! I started at 5am, ended at 3p, then did wash and food shopping. I must be really wacko. It had to be done, but it was a lot for one day. Saturday I helped my mom buy new air conditioners and get her hair done, so that was busy, too.
When I was out and about on Saturday, I grabbed my camera. It was such a gorgeous day -- (a little hot for me, but anything above 70 is too hot!) It was close to 80. Sun shining, everything blooming. This is the road in front of my apartment, and the tree at the end of the road.I think Spring is sprung, but today is rainy and cold (yipee!)

Well, I must get moving-- today is a work day. Hope everyone has a great day and that the sun is shining where you are!~~~Terry

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A tweak here...a tweak there...

Well, blogbuds, when my laptop crashed on Saturday, I didn't initially realize that I lost ALL of my pics -- boo hoo! I have just got to remember to back up stuff -- this has happened to me so many times, you'd think I would have learned my lesson by now. So, off I was with the camera to take some new ones, and do a little tweaking here and there.Not sure if there's anything 'too' new here, but here's some clearer pics, anyway.
a little stove board redo...

and a little tweak to the dining room...

and my mantle is just never done...

and the GW boxes are done... not too crazy about how these turned out. I was tired when I did them. The ones below came out much better.
I refinished the desk and I like how the butcher block evened out. I had spilled everything you can name on it! This looks much nicer!

I'm determined to get this wall painted this weekend. I'm thinking of a warm beige. It's still that old 'country blue' and there are only two walls left to finish. This one... and..

the one behind the fireplace. It will take longer to move the library of books out of the way than it will to paint!

Remember the book-keep I found in the closet? I had to take off the books for the guys to fix my closet door, so I snapped a pic -- bare.

I found this cute little pewter mug at the tag shop...

And that's it for today! The birds are chirping, and the sun is finally out after a week of cold rain, so I'm off and running. Even the lazy boy is sticking his nose outside! Nice warm breeze...

Hope everyone is having a good day and a good week! It's almost the weekend! Ya-hooooo!!!