Monday, January 19, 2009

Good morning!

Got some things done yesterday while watching the Eagles lose. :<( (Hey Rondell, go Steelers!) -- at least PA will be represented at the super bowl (wrong side of the state, but what can you do ?? LOL). Anyway, I changed the little wooden thingie -- remove the stars and repainted it. Added gingers -- hanging from the side of the fireplace.

Also, finished some mason jars and put them in a little wooden box in the living room. Moved some things around from LR to DR. The pipe holder thingie looks better in the DR near the hutch, I think. In its space, I hung the sheep. Got rid of that awful wicker thing in the den, and moved a bookcase from the LR in to the office den. So, why didn't I think of that before?? LOL. And the hutch with the new goodies from my great day at the thrifties. I still have my white lights on it -- they don't look so good in the pic, but they look nice at night!

And of course the Big Boy looking at me like I'm crazy. LOL.

Well, I'm working from home today on this huge project that kept me busy throughout the weekend. So, hopefully I'll have time to do a blog-check later and order some tarts from some of you -- thanks for helping me out with that! Hope you all have a good day today. I can see by your blogs that some of you are struggling with various things (mostly economic) -- wish I could give you all a hug. We have to hope, regardless of political affiliation, that tomorrow, we inaugurate a man with the intelligence and insight to start changing the status quo that has hurt so many people and get our country back to what it once was and can be again. It won't happen right away, but YES WE CAN!!


  1. Love all the re-do's and the tweaking! Very nice job you have done there!
    I too hope the economy will perk up!
    Tuesday is the day...Right?

  2. You are SO creative, and I love the kitty!!

  3. Love what you have done with the thrift shop goodies, plus the re-do's and moving things around. And your kitty is so cute checking out what you are doing.

  4. Gosh, everything is just looking so nice! You are quick about doing your crafts...I tend to get side tracked! Lol!

    Hey my niece is having a great giveaway....more prim goodies! Check out my blog and see! Hugs!

  5. love that hutch and all the goodies on it...and that big boy is too much...I think I could be falling in love!...have a great week:)


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