Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some goodies came today!

Isn't it great when you open your front door and there are boxes sitting there? I had gotten a gift certificate to Piper Classics (http://www.piperclassics.com/) which is a fabulous country store in Pipersville, PA -- about an hour from me in the Bucks County suburbs, not far from my office. Here's what was in the box -- eeewww, I love opening boxes when I know prim goodies are in there! After working so hard these past few weeks, I really needed this boost. So, first I got a shelf -- just haven't been able to find one like this in my TS hunts: Another view: ok, the pics are yucky. Still trying to figure out how to get a clear pic on a shadowed wall. It is tough getting the lighting right on the camera! (and, I think I moved a little, too. LOL)
And... look at this great sampler!
I just love it! Now I have to decide where to hang it. When I decide, I'll let you know!
I picked up this painted candle when I did my thriftie hunt a few weekends ago. Couldn't decide where to put it, so finally, I rearranged a few things on my mantle. I have a stand made from a drawer that was in my bedroom, and moved it to the living room. I really think this candle is so charming -- worn and prim! Do you like it next to the rusted grater redo?
And finally, lookie what I made with some old homespun and old picture frames! The trio are hanging behind my bed.
I couldn't leave you today without yet another pic of my hairy boy (are ya bored yet??LOL) -- he doesn't have his ottoman anymore, so he has now taken over the sofa! Doesn't he look comfy? Oh, to have time to take an afternoon nap!!!??!?!So, my prim-pals, that's my story for today. I actually have a night off tonite (!!!) --just sent the final draft of the project I've been consumed with to my boss for review. I suspect I'll be working from home tomorrow since we are expecting that ice storm everyone's been getting. BTW, congrats to all my buddies who were happy on the scale this week. You guys are doing so great!!!! And it was SO much fun to see Janene's stubblies again -- she has cute feet! Go check out her blog!
Have a good night, all. Thanks for stopping by....


  1. Once again Terry... great goodies! I love the sampler. If you can't find a perfect place for it, don't worry... I'm sure I can! Do you need my address just in case..?
    Have a great night off!

  2. Yes I love to get packages too! Great goodies..I love the way you used the grater!

  3. Terry~
    You are such a Brat... Making fun of my stubbies like that! The nail polish made me weigh .2 pounds more! Next week I will put on my socks!!
    I know of a place for that sampler...right here in my living room!
    I love your goodies...Piper Classics rocks!
    Until next time friend! Hey, I love your grater...did you rust that up yourself?
    I will gladly take your kitty cat too!

  4. Packages are the best! They totally make the day :)

    Wonderful goodies you picked up :)

    You know, I didn't know Piper Classics was in PA. I often end up in their site but have yet to buy anything...

    Have a great night off!


  5. Terry,
    Such neat things and I'm so happy for you that you got them after a hard days work:) I love that shelf and I'm going to have to go to their site to see what they have.
    Have a great night!
    Oh, BTW I'm never bored when you show pics of your Big Boy!

  6. Hey there Terry, I love the wooden goodie you got in the mail...and I love your couch too..love the color..and of course its even cuter cause you have your big boy dreaming his day away...glad you got the night off to relax...enjoy it..:)

  7. Hi Terry,
    You always have the greatest goodies to share! I love the rusty grater and the candle. Your kitty looks so comfy!!

  8. Hi Terry!
    Packages = PURE JOY!! :) hehe!
    I love your prim goodies :)
    I also like those frames ya did up!!
    You've got a little piece of prim heaven goin on, girl!
    ....and that spoiled boy of yours looks so comfy---LOL, does he even know he's a CAT?! ;)

    Have a wonderful day!


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