Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Almost Friday!

What a nightmare of a week. I am sooo happy tomorrow is Friday and maybe, just maybe, I can kick back a little this weekend. A few of you asked how I can work from home and the office -- I work for a small company that does big work, so I am the jack of all trades -- mostly sales and contract management and professional writing. When we have a big project, I do the writing and all the contract stuff -- so I do it from home where I can concentrate, have my coffee and not be disturbed with phones ringing and stuff. Today, I'm almost done this mega-project, so I'm going off to see some clients and get out here for a while. I haven't been in real clothes since Sunday! I haven't had a day off in two weeks, so I really need a break.

The client I am going to see is right near one of my favorite thrifties, so maybe I'll find something good in there today! I'm excited to do a thriftie run...I have visions of redos this weekend! Yipee!
Uh, oh...tonite is WW meeting. I have been so stressed this week that I may have added a pound or two...we'll see. I seem to have lost my weight record booklet -- I actually think I tossed it by mistake!!-- so I have to get a new one. I hope that if I did gain, it won;t be much.... but I'm a tad nervous to get on that scale! This journey never ends! Always gotta watch the weight...
I don't have much today, since I've been connected to my laptop all week... but I'll leave you with a pic of a teeeeeny bit of snow we got on Tuesday. It's gone already, but it is still pretty cold today. Have a great day -- maybe I'll have thrifties to show you tomorrow!

Have a great day!


  1. The snow is BE A U TIFUL!
    For some reason I always think that Thursday is Friday...Just wishful thinking I think!
    Love the view from those windows...The windows are gorgeous! Are they yours?

  2. Beautiful snow shot! I love the lighting!
    Good luck with WW tonight... once I get within a pinkie's reach of my goal, I'm going back to meetings again. I know that I 'know' all that there is to know, but I really want to be back in the group setting for the support it brings. In two and a half weeks, I'm down just over 11 pounds, so things are working!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  3. Love the pic too, is it from your apartment?
    I hope a restful weekend is coming your way and hope you had fun TF.


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