Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not quite finished, but...I see daylight

Whatta job this teeny-tiny room turned out to be!!! It's still a work in progress, but it's getting there after working on it since about 3-ish when I got home. My bud Janene convinced me to post the before pics, and ...**warning** these might hurt your eyes!! SOOOOO BAD!!! I'm hoping that I'm not the only master-slob in this bunch! OK, here we go....take cover, now.....

Remember that this is a very small and narrow extra room off my dining room. AS you will see, Combo craft storage and office. If you can call this mess an "office." Take note of the laptop from my office that replaced the one that crashed -- hmmmm, I like it now and sure do like that it actually fits on my desk. That curtain?? A leftover from something I can't even remember now -- maybe a tablecloth. Who knows?? JUNK. Anyway, I do work from home a lot, so I need to work in a neat environment, right??
So what happened to 'neat'? And country blue??? How old is THAT??? Fixed that one right up.

This disgusting mess is craft stuff. You might think me nuts (think??? or know!!) that I use the tops of Yankee Candle jars to mix my craft paints. And old mugs. And old coffee canisters. They do actually work very well, and when they get really raunchy, I just toss them. These still have some life left.

How's this for a real mess? How many colors can I mix up on one cabinet? Lets see, we have green, blue, white wicker... more paint brushes, more paint bottles....

Well, you get the idea. So, the junk was tossed. This is what took about 6 trips to the dumpster.

Out went the wicker (except for one piece which I hope will be replaced after a trip to the thrift store this weekend.) Foo-foo shabby chic pictures -- OUT. And of course, paper, paper, and just a bit more paper!!! 3 bags worth.

So, at least it was cleaner and a whole lot less cluttered. The coat-of-many-colors storage dresser and bookcase now looks a tad better like this. Both now painted black. The wicker bookcase will go when I can replace it, which I sure hope is this weekend. Not to mention that I smeared the paint on it. LOL.

Imagine! One color! I brought the not-working vacuum cleaner and doll in just to de-junk the living room a little bit.

This sure beats a mess of paintbrushes and creepy looking paint-holders.

Replaced the curtains, which I just noticed are smushed on the rod. Fixed that.

Found my diplomas -- they fell behind the rigged-up bookcase years ago! LOL. Found this award, too, which I was (and am) very proud of. So that went back up -- it is partly an office, after all. I do love teaching. Let's see... what else did I cover up those awful walls with?
SO much better! And...
So that's it for one day. I am promising myself that there will be no heavy-duty cleaning this weekend. It's definitely time to relax now. By the way, even tho I rent, I can paint the walls, as long as it's a neutral color, and a nice warm beige is my favorite.
Wanted you to know that I have read all of your blogs even if I don't get a chance to always comment. You know how it is when you are sneaking in a blog-watch when I should be working! I'm off to bed.... another long day in the trenches tomorrow. Promise you won't think I'm a TOTAL SLOB!!!! LOL! Nighty-nite!!!


  1. Everything looks neat and clean! Feels good to have everything like that doesn't it?
    have a great day...Go Steelers!

  2. I feel that it was important for you to post the before pictures so that we can see how really hard you worked on cleaning up that room!
    Plus...I'm nosey that way!!
    It all looks great! And it is very important to display those diplomas! You worked very hard for those and spent gobs of money on your education...Show 'em off girl!

  3. WOW-you are quite the 'organizer', girl!
    Looks so neat and tidy!!
    ...wanna come organize my mess for me??? LOL!
    Everything looks great!


  4. it looks great!! i soo need to come up with some organization in my craft supplies. its a mess, stuff everywhere. i got to dig for everything i want to use.


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