Friday, January 2, 2009


I love going to thrift and concession shops to see what I can pick up for cheap and then turn it into prim pretties. Here's some goodies I did, thanks to so many ideas I picked up from all of my favorite prim blogs! You are all so creative!

Just about everything in this setting was a re-do. My favorite is the lamp that looks like a candle. I was into shabby chic for a while, and I picked up 2 little white lamps with flowers and a flowery lampshade at a flea market years ago. I had them stored away, and found one of them while I was rummaging through my closet. (Still looking for the other one!) I painted it black, placed a pip and evergreen wreath around it, and then got a flicker bulb at Home Depot. I love it, and it gives the room a nice warm glow. Got the little wood thingie with the candles at a flea for 25 cents. The thing leaning against the drawers is a table leg I repainted, but it leans sidways so I really can't use it. I don't have the ability to even it out inside an apt.

My girlfriend Linda seems to find these huge 3-D prim Christmas cards -- one is above, and the other 3 are here. They are so prim that I can keep them up all year. Where she ever got the angel I don't know, but I think it's so cute.

The setting on my dining room table was my 'in box' that I had on my desk at work. The wood ones are hard to find today, so I just painted it black. I tried my hand at grubbing up a candle when I got this pillar candle for Christmas this year. It was a smooth aromatic -- not my style at all. So I took some tea candles and melted them in my microwave!!! Added the cinnammon and cloves, and just kept slopping it on. :>) I try not to burn real candles anymore -- too many close calls when I left the apartment forgetting that I had a candle burning! So I swear by these battery tea lights that I can pick up in the dollar store or AC Moore. I absolutely love the electric candle burners and have them all over the place. I store up on tarts and just change them every day or so. Feels safer for me, since there is a bulb, not a candle burning. Ozzie loves to prowl around and jump up on the furniture and that big fluffy tail can get singed! I love the wooden red mittens. Around here, every Catholic church in the city (well maybe not every one, but a bunch) have fabulous craft shows which start in November and end in December. There's a circuit that they follow, so I can go to a craft show or two (or three!) every weekend in November. Fabulous stuff. They do it again around Easter, but the crafts are not quite as nice or the shows as big. I picked up the mittens a few years ago at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
This one is one of my favorite re-dos. I had a bunch of old cutting boards that I didn't use, so I painted and stenciled. I love that mustard yellow color. I made about 3 of them.

How come kitties LOVE to sit on the computer while you're working on it?? LOL. Looks like Oz is getting impatient for his treats. GIMME SOME ALREADY!! LOL. I'm off today (yipee) so I"m off to my favorite thrift shops to donate some books and and see what I can pick up today. Later!!


  1. Thanks so much for your very kind words. I am still amazed that I somehow, my little words have reached so many. It humbles me daily.

    It is a pleasure to meet you and I want to say a HUGE congrats on your 6 year survival and your success with WW. I am forever battling my weight. It's something I always work on!!

  2. Everything just looks so cute! I love the candle with the tealight in it. Kitties do have a way of wanting to be right in the middle don't they? Enjoy your day off and I hope you find some really nice goodies! ~Beth~

  3. TJ, I guess we're in this blogging thing together since we started on the same day! I've added you to my blog list too. I love your cat - someday I'm going to have a Maine Coon we have a $15.00 pet store cat, orange ofcourse, that's our favorite color cat - Frito. He's spoiled rotten by all 5 of us! Hope you can join my challenge. Ann

  4. I love how you re-did your items and made them more prim..I love that kitty of yours..give him a love from me...ours love to sit at the computer or my sewing table. there are usually 2 in my sewing room with is asleep right now under my computer desk and the other is looking out the window at the birds...have a great weekend..can't wait to see what new/old stuff you find!
    Gina ;)
    I love going to those church bazaars...loved em as a kid too..

  5. Hey and welcome to blogland! You are doing great! Love your prims and your big Kitty!


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