Thursday, January 15, 2009

What is your 'Must-Have?"

You guys are so great. You liked my sloppy little office/den! And you didn't tell me I was a pig! LOL. Well, it's better --it's not done, but at least it's, well...better. LOL.

So I was just visiting my girl Janene's blog and saw the thing about Country Home, and even Linda's comment that she knew it was going under, too! Gee, I wonder why I haven't gotten notification yet? I have to tell to you that great minds must think alike, because I have lost all affection for both Country Living and Country Home. I got sucked into CH on a so-called bargain, but it's so thin and elite. Not worth the $$. I used to love Country Living -- but, ehhh, that one's not so great anymore either. I love my Country Sampler, and I'm letting CL run out and that will be that. Since I'm on a whiny mode, I have to say that I'm not too fond of HGTV any more either. They seem to want to attract a younger, more urban fan-base -- not a country show in sight. I used to love Country Style when it was on a few years ago, but that was the last country/prim oriented thing I've seen on there.

Anyway, I wanted to add some weight loss suggestions. At one of our meetings last year, we discussed things that are your 'must-haves' -- for some it was a food scale, for others it was a crock pot. For me it was a salad spinner. I couldn't do without this!! I always have a salad in the fridge for when I want a little snack, and you know how refrigerated salads can get soggy after a day or two. I can keep a salad for 3 days in this gizmo and it stays nice and crispy because I spin off all of the water that makes salad soggy.

Other must-haves:

~ Orville Redinbacker 94% fat free popcorn. 5 cups are only 1 point, and if you like a buttery taste, spritz on some I Can't Believe It's not Butter Spray -- no points. Great for lower plumbing (lots of fiber) and very filling for a snack.

~ apples- small. one point and filling (and good for you and your teeth!)

~measuring spoons. 2 tbls cannot be eyeballed!

Well, you get the idea. Think about what your must-haves are and that helps a lot in keeping to the food plan as well as keeping you on track.

A few other suggestions -- only weigh yourself once a week! You'll get crazy otherwise. Eat 3 meals (at least) per day -- starvation doesn't work and will get on your nerves anyway. You can eat 10 times a day if you stick to your point allotment -- which by the way, changes at each 10 weight loss. The point of WW is to adjust points as your weight drops -- you need a higher number the heavier you are, and they come down slowly as you lose the weight. For ex, I started at 27 points/day and ended at 19 points per day.

Can't end the post without a little chuckle -- look at this BIG BOY sitting (or attempting to) on the window sill while I work. Did ya ever??? LOL. His tail is so big that it moves the laptop screen. I think he needs Weight Watchers!!!!

Have a great day! Hey Rondell -- GO EAGLES!!! LOL.


  1. Thanks for all of the great tips on weight loss. They are very helpful!

    I liked your office, too! Very nice! I wish I had something like that!

  2. Thanks for the tips...I'm going to look for one of those salad spinners:)
    Gooooooooo Steelers!!! lol.

  3. TJ, you must try Mercantile Gatherings Magazine, it's the absolute best prim magazine there is. As far as something I couldn't live without, my dishwasher! With 5 in this house all I'd ever be doing is the dishes. ~Ann

  4. yeah I can't believe our magazines are going out..CL has been around along time but they are filling up with ads..and country home was one of my favorites too. don't really care for CS..but will take it..your kitty and mine have big tails...what a little cutie and I just want to cuddle him...have a good one..")

  5. I must have the popcorn too...and I love WW oatmeal rasin cookies-1point! Beth

  6. Oh How I wish I could see page 54!! It is driving me nuts to not have my copy! I never even got a rough draft of the article - just some thumbnails of possible pics.

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. I love it!


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