Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lookie, Lookie! A Day at the Thrifties!

Oh, wow, did I hit pay dirt today! I was up really early so I could go get my nails done and get to the thrifties before I went to work. Lookie at all I got for $14.25!!!! I can't even believe it!! I can't even get it all into one pic! I've finished some of the redo's but haven't yet decided where it all will go -- but, I picked the right day to go thrift shopping! The thrifties were busy with us die-hearts who ventured out in sub-zero weather, but traffic was light because I think a lot of peeps went downtown to see Pres-Elect Obama, whose train trip to Washington started here in Philly. Man-o-man, what finds I got!! Got this great tin sheep for $1.00!!! And the basket (50 cents), unpainted birdcase (25 cents), fake red ware jar (1.00), and unpainted heart (25 cents). The 2 skeins of yarn were 10 cents a piece, painted candle (75 cents!!)..... And the cutest narrow "cracker box" for... 1.00!! The cutest framed sampler--1.25!

So, of course I can't get to the whole redo tonite, esp snce I have to go into the office early tomorrow morning, but here's what I did so far. Painted the box, and put washcloths and handtowels in there for the bath. Took the bowl (10 cents!!) and made some yarn balls from the yarn I got, and added some spools...

and took the odd wooden wall hanging thingie, painted it, added a prim sign and a few stars -- not sure where they will go yet... not sure I like those stars -- may have to make a change... yep, I can do something else with that...

Still have lots more to do, but I think I may just look at all my goodies for a while!

I worked from home for about 3 hours -- we are having major issues with internet service (could be because of the frigid temps) so I was off and on with work, which I hope doesn't happen after I haul up to the office tomorrow. I'm lucky I had my wireless service here at home, because the broadband is very slow, and sometimes won't connect at all. Cable went out for a while, too. It is unbearably cold, but tomorrow should be better -- in the 30's -- which will feel like a heat wave! So, I had a busy, busy day, and I'm beat -- so hopefully, I will get home in time to watch the EAGLES WIN tomorrow, and then play with all these thrifties!! Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty.

By the way, do any of you sell candle tarts? I found out today that Yankee Candle doesn't make my favorite (Mulled Cider) in tarts anymore :>( ~so what to do???


  1. Hi Terry,
    I have not been on-line in a few days and am catching up on reading everyone blogs. Wow, you got some great goodies at the thrift stores!! Love the box with the towels in it. I helped a friend of mine put up the same wallpaper that is in that photo. Love how prim it is!!
    I so agree with your comments on your post about CH and CL magazines. They just are not what they use to be. The last issue of CH will be the March 2009 issue. I don't watch much of HGTV anymore either. Too bad that they took away all the country shows.
    Take care and stay warm.

  2. My Oh My~ I am extremely jealous! One: because you found such awesome goods, much better than I have found! Two: because you already redid some of them! and Three: you KNEW how to make such great redo's!!!! See, my problem is that I am a 1/2 girl! (No, not a hermaphadite!) I only finish my projects 1/2 way! I buy the items with the thought of what to do with them...and then they just stay in the bag that I bought them home in!!! Gotta change that and become a WHOLE girl!!! LOL
    I got an awesome deal at JoAnnes yesterday...picked up some red ticking fabric for 50% off. Hopefully it won't stay folded up in the bag!
    Have a safe and warm weekend!!

  3. Wowie!
    You sure did hit it big!! GREAT finds!

    Check out Beths blog -
    She sells soy tarts and her room sprays are UNBLELIEVABLE!

  4. you got some great stuff!! i love the stitchery!
    i buy my tarts from either ( get a free room spray too with every order)

    (tart link)-

    her cider, pumpkin cornbread or clove is awesome!!!

  5. TJ. the box that you are using for wash clothes is terrific. That color paint is one of my favorites. Anything dark red, maroon, burgundy! Good Luck with your team today. ~Ann

  6. Money you didn't mind parting with, I'll bet!

  7. hey there, boy did you hit pay dirt or what! you got some great stuff..I am having a scentsy party and they sell the tarts for the tart warmers and I tell you the scents last if you like go to my blog and see the entry for my party,,(if you are interested)..give the kid a love..:)


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