Saturday, January 31, 2009

Good morning! Hope everyone is ready for a nice toasty Saturday. Today is my day to clean --lordy, it feels like weeks since I've had the time. (oh, wait a second-- it IS weeks!! LOL.) Before I start the big job, thought I would show you what I did with my thrifties. I was home yesterday with that stomach bug that seems to going around. Not sick enough to stay in bed or pamper myself -- just queasy and no appetite. Feel better today, but I am taking it easy this weekend...except for cleaning, which I love to do anyway.
So, you remember that little shelf all stained and beat up. It now looks like this. I'm deciding on what to hang on the crossbar, but for now, this is ok. The little candle holder is on the left redone in...ummm, black. That's a surprise, right?? LOL.
And the bowl (painted black, of course) that I picked up a few weeks ago now hold the yarnballs.So why did the pic show it as brown? Hmmm, no idea. I have another yarn ball Treen bowl I will show you in a later post.
And I must thank Janae at Cozy Coop and Char at PickledPepper Patch for the idea for the grubby candles. I hadn't thought of tacking them to a board. I can't do the great detailed work Char does, but a few tacks and a hammer-- and I have a simpler version. I like it, and grubbed up some new candles with my quick and simple grubby recipe. Picked up the board for FREE on Thursday. I am rust/painting a star for the top of the shelf now.
On the wall, it looks like this:
Finally, I painted the little letter holder. Not sure what to put in it, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share! I decided to move the new goodie from Piper Classics into the dining room where it it gets a good show. It was too hidden in the half-hall. Here's a better pic of it -- I really love this thing. A nice warm red-brown among the black goodies! I admired Rondell's 10 things she loved with an assigned letter, so she assigned me one -- "S." That's a toughie, so I'm thinking about that one and will be back with my list! Meanwhile, I'm off to clean and make pretty. Hope you have a great day -- an a warm one. It's cold here today -- I love it! A great day for a nice brisk walk, but that will wait until my cleaning is done -- piles of laundry, too! busy day ahead....

Hope you liked my redos! Stop back later for my 10 things starting with an "S" that I just love....


  1. Mornin' Terry!
    I sure do love your re-dos! Nice job girl :)
    Like your candle holder too...
    Can't wait to read your favorite "s" things!
    Enjoy your day!


  2. Mornin Terry,
    I love what you did with all your TS stuff, you are really having a good time with everything aren't you? How about finding some homespun and rolling them up to put in your letter "thingy" or homespun towels or dishcloths:)
    Have fun cleaning...I love to clean too!

  3. Good morning, Terry.
    I'm glad you are feeling better. I love your redos & that board with the candle is awesome. I did a couple of your grubby candles yesterday & I really like the way they turned out. Now I will have to find an old board & some rusty nails. Have fun cleaning.


  4. Have fun with those chores... I should really hit the house too, but there's quilting to be done! (You know, priorities!)
    Have a great weekend! Kimberly

  5. I am loving your thrifty redo's!
    I do have a suggestion for the letter holder....wait for about LETTERS!
    Enjoy your clean house and then relax so that you can get to feeling better!
    I have been assigned the letter "P"...I'll trade you, I am having a terrible time trying to think of 10 things!

  6. Hi Terry,
    Love what you did with all the thrift shop goodies. Everything looks great!!


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