Monday, January 26, 2009

How was your Monday?

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Today went by so quickly! I worked from home (yes, we're STILL working on the big project!) but we're getting closer to getting it done. Tomorrow may just do it. Of course, we are expecting a nice snowstorm here in the Big City, so I will probably work from home again. One can only hope, since I detest driving in ice, and we're expecting more ice than snow. :<( Of course, I'm not complaining as I sit here and watch the news about all of the layoffs today. I'm blessed to be working. Speaking of winter (were we speaking of winter??) -- is it just me, but do other prim-lovers sort of cringe when you see Spring stuff? I have this theory that I was born in the dead of winter (December) and I'm genetically programmed to love fall/winter things, and not so fond of spring and summer. LOL. When it comes to decorating, fall/winter rules! Summer colors and decor just doesn't do it for me. I've noticed that mags, even our favorite CS, has thinner issues as the weather gets warmer. Maybe it's because I'm in an apartment and don't have a garden to do up -(just a deck) - well, for whatever reason, I hope winter lasts for a few months more!

So where do I blog? After going through that crazy tear to re-do my office, I'm back here in the living room in my big comfy chair with my furry boy napping behind me. I can turn on the TV if I want to, and look at a toasty fireplace. With the laptop, it is easier to use the living room for now.

Had the strangest thing happen last nite. There is an ottoman that came with my overstuffed chair (you can see it a little in the 1st pic in front of the chair)-- just got the set in March of 08. All of a sudden last nite while I was working, I look over and it had collapsed!! I turned it over and the whole bottom frame fell apart. EWWWW, I was not happy -- I bought it at a very country-style (and expensive) furniture store and had to wait 6 weeks (!!) for the order to come in! So, you know I was on the horn this morning -- they will come to take and replace, but can't get here until mid-February!! They do have excellent customer service, but wow, this really was not a good thing. The cat loves laying on it -- he's a big boy, but not THAT big!! LOL.

Take care and stay warm, all!


  1. I agree with you about the Spring and Summer prim things!
    Those colors are just not prim!
    I am absolutely loving your apartment! It looks so warm, cozy and inviting...someplace that would be a joy to visit and live in!
    What? No redos? Girl you are working way too much!

  2. wow, thats crazy about the ottoman. we have been wanting to buy new furniture but think we should hold off a while and see how the economy is going to be.

  3. your chair looks all comfy and cozy with that big boy all snuggled up in it..precious..glad you're able to get that ottoman fixed..they don't make it like they used to that is for sure..I call furniture now days throw away..too bad..cause we sure do spend a lot on it...:)

  4. Ohhh I love your space, I cozy!
    Ya asked how I made my labels....
    I have graphic software and I used the graphics of differt CD's I have, then I just added wordage to compliment the graphic in a font that i liked...and I added some borders to some...I stained the paper and I dried it in the oven (carefully) then I printed the labels....
    Susies are mcuh nicer tho...have you checked her's out?

    Have a wonderful day!


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