Friday, January 23, 2009

No surprise at Weight Watchers...:<(

Well, as I thought, I did gain 2.5 pounds (arrrggghhh~) but I sort knew I gained "something" -- my jeans felt a little tight and I have been eating junk all week and not getting any exercise at all stuck behind this computer all week. I am still way lower than goal weight, but it doesn't take much to start creeping up, so I am back on track as of today. First of all, I have to be in the office all day so no junk access, and I may have to stop buying WW ice cream cones (!!) until I lose these 2 pounds -- I am so addicted to them, it's crazy. Anyway, the leader had 2 great thoughts I want to share with all of you who are on the weight loss journey -- or even just thinking about it. When you read the it, it might just grab you by your pony tail and make you STOP!! LOL. The first:


Wow, does that sum it up, or what???? I know that my weight gain was totally emotional eating -- I was stressed to the max with this project, I was overly tired, and I was bored with not being able to do anything but work. (You should see the mess in my kitchen...well, then again, maybe not!!).

Second thought:


Well? Does that tell the story of most of us????

The best thing about WW is the weekly weigh-in, the ability to catch yourself before things get out of hand again and getting back on track... and the support. My GF gained a little as well, but she looks so good, who cares? (she does!). So we're back on counting points for the day and in a week or so, I will have lost them. She cooks, I don't..LOL. BTW, I still don't like this Momentum program and I still can't get how they combined core and flex.... but, I'm sticking to the old way, anyway. (Oh, and I had to PAY $5 to replace my gold card and weigh-in book, so I will be much more careful now. I bet I find the old ones now that I paid for the new ones!

I will have pics galore for you'all this weekend, once I get to my redos. Can't wait to get painting! Meanwhile, I'm off to the office and hope you all have a great day!!! Think about that little thought above -- I'm printing it out and attaching it to the fridge to make me stop and think before I start to rummage around for food I don't really want!


  1. Those are some good quotes!
    And I am stealing your idea and posting them on my fridge too!
    Have a good weekend, and stay out of the WW ice cream!

  2. oooh, hang in there! It's so stinkin easy to go the wrong way, isn't it?

  3. Good Evening-Good Luck on WW. I was on the program about 3 years ago and I did well. Its a life change remember. (Great Quotes). I think anything brown wood should be painted black or dark green, mustard, burgandy. Then sand alittle or alot-then put colored wax or stain on the piece. That makes them really look old and primitive.
    Have a good weekend-I have lots of pictures to look at.LOL


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