Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Sunday

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine, as anticipated, was busy. Took my mom to the hairdresser yesterday, then food-shopping, and out to dinner. I am so blessed with my little mom. She's 96, sharp as a tack, and so funny! We had a good day yesterday. I just adore her. We've always been very close. (she looks,welllll, about 80). Looks good.

Today -- back to least I could work here and not the office. Took a short break to do a teeny redo. Painted the lamp black for better contrast. It had been red before -- to close to the color of the desk, and I have a red plaid sofa, so toooo much red! I like this you?
Found this little holder yesterday. Not painting it but using it for my make-up stuff. But it's so cute.

I am hoping to get a a day or two off later this week to get to some projects and just relax. Want to try and do an album, once my bedroom is done. That should be fun! But I need some time to do that, and not feel pressured or guilty that I should be getting to this work project, so it will have to wait until that is done and out the door.
So that's it for my day! Hope yours was warm and toasty! Gonna grab some dinner, and back to work...


  1. no photos of the big boy...:(...just kidding..glad you got to spend the day with your mommy and hang mom is 82 and lives in I only get to see her once a year..hard to see them getting older...(heck I hate seeing my self get older)...hope you get a much needed break to relax this week..have a wonderful week...
    Gina ;)

  2. I found a carrier just like that as I was "dumpster diving" at a place we just bought.
    What a great idea to use is as an organizer!
    Love the lamp!

  3. I love the's just amazing what paint can do! The carrier is so neat and great for make-up too. I hope you do get some days off this week you have really been working hard.

    Linda advised me to not use the flash then the wall color will come thur but lighting has to be a factor in it. I'll give it a try though:)

  4. Love your new "tool box"... who says women don't need one too?
    I'm planning to weigh in tomorrow morning... been sick all weekend so it should be interesting!
    Have a great week!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  5. What a nice way to spend your Sunday...with your mom :) Glad ya had fun day!
    Your lamp looks great-love your box too.
    Have a super day!



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