Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's bigger than all of us!!

What is, you ask?? The total MESS in my office/den. I'm off today (sort of) so I thought that I would tackle it-- at least start it last night. What a mistake!! First of all, I worked all day and should have known I would start to fade mid-way.

In this cold and darkness, I start to eye up the bed around 10pm. Second, I have to take my mom for her check-up and food shopping today so a good chunk of the day is already committed elsewhere. Third-- it's a total MESS in here!!! Trash bags everywhere, filled to the brim. Books to be donated piled on the dining room table. Paint junk everywhere. ARRRGGGG! What have I gotten myself into?? LOL.

Ok, I'm overwhelmed. It's so bad that I'm too embarrassed to post the 'before' pics. The thing is that I just must get myself organized. Last January, it was the weight thing, this year it's getting rid of my pack-rat books, papers, and junk, junk, junk! I was successful with the weight loss, so I am ready to take in this challenge and trust me, it IS a challenge.

When you're in an apartment like I am, space is at a premium. I am in a large apt, but I've lived here forever and every inch of space has to be used productively. Plus, while I love my apt, I hate the very limited closet space. So this must be done! I can't use the den as a junk room because I use it as an office as well as an area to store all my crafting goodies. It's a tiny, tiny room, as you'll see when I finally post the 'after' pics, but it is functional. Now I'm not too sure when I'll get to painting the walls -- maybe not until Feb or March -- so i gotta cover the walls for now with -- well-- something -- will hit the thrift shops this weekend and see what goodies I can get. By the way, Janene, no -- the pics I post of the Philly skyline are not the view from my apt. I actually look out over the river, so it's very green and open. I used to live in the city when I was in my 30's but no way would I live downtown again!! Too much huubbb-bubbb and noise and traffic nightmares and craziness (and crime!). I'm about 15 minutes outside the city.

Well, blogger-buds -- I shall return!! By late tonite, I may be still standing, and if so, pics will follow!

Have a great Wednesday, and stay warm! It's freeeeezing here, but like Rue, I'm a winter girl and love it!


  1. Thanks for the update...I bet the view of the river is wonderful too!
    If you tackled your weight then this room will be a snap for you!
    Can't wait to see pics...but to get the full effect of the "after" you need to post pics of the "before"...Come on...your among friends!!

  2. Ha! I hear you! My office, it seems, is in a permanent state of "half done" while I'm waiting for a basket storage unit to arrive. But good shall endure! Or at least tidyness!

  3. hey there..can you actually paint your rooms since it is an apt..I thought maybe you could put up fabric wall paper..just use liquid starch and put up like wallpaper and when you are tired of it, just pull it down and the walls are intact..have a good one..give that baby a love for me...


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