Saturday, January 31, 2009

My List of Favorite S things

Well, my prim buds, I had to really think about this one. Here we go: Things that start with S...
  1. The Sacred: I don't pretend to be religious, and I like parts of all faiths. However, there is no doubt in my mind or my heart that there is a sacred, that there is God, and that I could do a whole lot better in worshiping Him.
  2. School: Anything about school, being the professor, being the student, ideally being both! A magical place. I love to learn, and enjoy teaching college kids -- a tough bunch to win over, but they have hidden strengths and talents that might surprise you. (when they are not texting their friends or plugging in their earbuds!)
  3. Shopping: Specifically Thrift Shopping -- love the discovery of hidden prim treasures in the discards of others. Oh, the thrill of the hunt!
  4. Soft: as in the soft, satiny fur of my kitty cat who loves sitting next to me, behind me, or sometimes on me--being patted and stroked. Earning the love of these wonderful creatures is a treat for the heart. Maine Coons slobber when they are purring, so that's always nice having cat slobber all over me!!!! Bleck!
  5. Strength: We all have it and need it. I needed to tap into it when I had breast cancer; and now we all have to dig deep for it until this economic stress is behind us.
  6. Samplers: just love them, and wish I could do some myself. Maybe I should get back to needlepoint?
  7. Sleep: Love an afternoon nap and falling asleep over a good book. Of course, as I get older, sleeping thru the nite is a memory! Those flashes!
  8. Sheep: as in Prim Sheep -- what cute little faces.
  9. Saturday: A day to sleep late (or until a 20 pound fur ball jumps on me) and just indulge myself after a hard week at work.
  10. Sharing: with my family, my friends and new blog-buddies, even my ex BF, who is still a friend.

So there you are! That was a fun exercise -- wow, that stretched my brain! It's been fun reading yours, too!

Have a good nite, all!

Good morning! Hope everyone is ready for a nice toasty Saturday. Today is my day to clean --lordy, it feels like weeks since I've had the time. (oh, wait a second-- it IS weeks!! LOL.) Before I start the big job, thought I would show you what I did with my thrifties. I was home yesterday with that stomach bug that seems to going around. Not sick enough to stay in bed or pamper myself -- just queasy and no appetite. Feel better today, but I am taking it easy this weekend...except for cleaning, which I love to do anyway.
So, you remember that little shelf all stained and beat up. It now looks like this. I'm deciding on what to hang on the crossbar, but for now, this is ok. The little candle holder is on the left redone in...ummm, black. That's a surprise, right?? LOL.
And the bowl (painted black, of course) that I picked up a few weeks ago now hold the yarnballs.So why did the pic show it as brown? Hmmm, no idea. I have another yarn ball Treen bowl I will show you in a later post.
And I must thank Janae at Cozy Coop and Char at PickledPepper Patch for the idea for the grubby candles. I hadn't thought of tacking them to a board. I can't do the great detailed work Char does, but a few tacks and a hammer-- and I have a simpler version. I like it, and grubbed up some new candles with my quick and simple grubby recipe. Picked up the board for FREE on Thursday. I am rust/painting a star for the top of the shelf now.
On the wall, it looks like this:
Finally, I painted the little letter holder. Not sure what to put in it, so if you have any ideas, feel free to share! I decided to move the new goodie from Piper Classics into the dining room where it it gets a good show. It was too hidden in the half-hall. Here's a better pic of it -- I really love this thing. A nice warm red-brown among the black goodies! I admired Rondell's 10 things she loved with an assigned letter, so she assigned me one -- "S." That's a toughie, so I'm thinking about that one and will be back with my list! Meanwhile, I'm off to clean and make pretty. Hope you have a great day -- an a warm one. It's cold here today -- I love it! A great day for a nice brisk walk, but that will wait until my cleaning is done -- piles of laundry, too! busy day ahead....

Hope you liked my redos! Stop back later for my 10 things starting with an "S" that I just love....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thrifty Heaven!!!

Ok, don't be jealous!! I had to go up to the office this morning to review rewrites, and on my way home, I stopped in my favorite thrifty. On another post, I will tell you about Bryn Athyn, but... today, I thought that I would have the place to myself, what with all the ice and snow and stuff. Correct! So look what I got for a grand total of $5.25. I am doing the dance around my living room. Can't wait to get to this stuff, but alas, it will need to wait till Saturday. Ready???
You say you want a better look?? Ok. Here is a lovely beat up shelf and some multi-color yarn to make yarn balls.
Here is a great letter carrier....begging for some black paint, don't you think??? And some hooks so I can hang on the wall....
How about this cute little pewter miniature, and this candle holder. Now I need to get more candles to grunge. (THAT they didn't have, sad to say.) The nerve of them....LOL. And this thingie that I don't know the name of... and for all of 25 cents!
I could have gotten so much more, but I only had a 10'er on me, and needed some $$ for coffee. But WOWeeWOW, my fingers are itchin' to get to the paint. Ok, I need to calm down and get back to work. Just had to share the thrill of the hunt!!! LOL. Back to...rewrites. Later!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

PS --Reminder on the grubbies

Don't forget to remove the wick from the tea candle before you put it in the microwave!! DUHHH! LOL~~ The wick just slides out.

Grubby candles and tarts

I didn't get to do much good stuff today-- was busy with revisions of the nightmare project.

I did work from home (key word: work) and I was just so tired. These past two weeks of deadline work caught up with me. I had good intentions, but I think I'll have to wait to the w/e and get a trip to the TS into the schedule. I did get to few little things. I grunged up some candles...
VERY easy the Big City way:
  • take a plain tea candle and put it in a microwavable cup you don't use for anything but crafting.
  • heat it and check on it every 40 seconds or so until it melts.
  • when melted, toss in some spice powder and some craft paint (brown, red, black etc) -- just a dab to color the wax.
  • take a small paintbrush and heavily swipe it all over the candle. Within 30 minutes for drying, you have an easy grubbed candle!

I have an idea what to do with them, but I'll save it until I'm sure it works! If it does, I'll post the final product.

What else? I put up my new sampler behind my bed. I think it's perfect there. Then, I got a call from a new friend who owns a small prim shop very close to where I live. She is moving the store to a larger location, so she'll be closed for about a month while she and her hubby pack up the store, get it moved, and then set up in the new shop (which she tells me is in a converted big home -- can't wait to see it!!). Her stuff is mostly handmade and so cute. Anyhoo, she knew I was cooing over her candle tarts, so she pulled a pile together for me to hold me over until she re-opens! I took a run over, and came back with these. They smell deee-licious!! Mulled cider and cinnamon. What can smell better on a cold, icy day? I have an electric tart warmer in the BR and the LR so it smells yummy in here.

And while I was there, I picked up a throw blanket that she was almost giving away. Yum. Love the colors. Sort of a maroon and beige. On the bed now. Then I went back to work!

We did have an ice storm here in Philly, and the schools were closed, but I didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as what I've seen on some of your blogs! It's already warming up and melting off. Good thing, since I have to get to WW for a weigh-in tomorrow. I've been trying to be good...but we'll see if I was able to get any of those 2 pounds off!

So, that was my day...hope yours was warm and safe! Everyone got such good stuff done today! Did you see the pics of Gina's cats (and pup??) Could they be any cuter?? I could just gobble them up! What love bugs!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some goodies came today!

Isn't it great when you open your front door and there are boxes sitting there? I had gotten a gift certificate to Piper Classics ( which is a fabulous country store in Pipersville, PA -- about an hour from me in the Bucks County suburbs, not far from my office. Here's what was in the box -- eeewww, I love opening boxes when I know prim goodies are in there! After working so hard these past few weeks, I really needed this boost. So, first I got a shelf -- just haven't been able to find one like this in my TS hunts: Another view: ok, the pics are yucky. Still trying to figure out how to get a clear pic on a shadowed wall. It is tough getting the lighting right on the camera! (and, I think I moved a little, too. LOL)
And... look at this great sampler!
I just love it! Now I have to decide where to hang it. When I decide, I'll let you know!
I picked up this painted candle when I did my thriftie hunt a few weekends ago. Couldn't decide where to put it, so finally, I rearranged a few things on my mantle. I have a stand made from a drawer that was in my bedroom, and moved it to the living room. I really think this candle is so charming -- worn and prim! Do you like it next to the rusted grater redo?
And finally, lookie what I made with some old homespun and old picture frames! The trio are hanging behind my bed.
I couldn't leave you today without yet another pic of my hairy boy (are ya bored yet??LOL) -- he doesn't have his ottoman anymore, so he has now taken over the sofa! Doesn't he look comfy? Oh, to have time to take an afternoon nap!!!??!?!So, my prim-pals, that's my story for today. I actually have a night off tonite (!!!) --just sent the final draft of the project I've been consumed with to my boss for review. I suspect I'll be working from home tomorrow since we are expecting that ice storm everyone's been getting. BTW, congrats to all my buddies who were happy on the scale this week. You guys are doing so great!!!! And it was SO much fun to see Janene's stubblies again -- she has cute feet! Go check out her blog!
Have a good night, all. Thanks for stopping by....

Monday, January 26, 2009

How was your Monday?

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Today went by so quickly! I worked from home (yes, we're STILL working on the big project!) but we're getting closer to getting it done. Tomorrow may just do it. Of course, we are expecting a nice snowstorm here in the Big City, so I will probably work from home again. One can only hope, since I detest driving in ice, and we're expecting more ice than snow. :<( Of course, I'm not complaining as I sit here and watch the news about all of the layoffs today. I'm blessed to be working. Speaking of winter (were we speaking of winter??) -- is it just me, but do other prim-lovers sort of cringe when you see Spring stuff? I have this theory that I was born in the dead of winter (December) and I'm genetically programmed to love fall/winter things, and not so fond of spring and summer. LOL. When it comes to decorating, fall/winter rules! Summer colors and decor just doesn't do it for me. I've noticed that mags, even our favorite CS, has thinner issues as the weather gets warmer. Maybe it's because I'm in an apartment and don't have a garden to do up -(just a deck) - well, for whatever reason, I hope winter lasts for a few months more!

So where do I blog? After going through that crazy tear to re-do my office, I'm back here in the living room in my big comfy chair with my furry boy napping behind me. I can turn on the TV if I want to, and look at a toasty fireplace. With the laptop, it is easier to use the living room for now.

Had the strangest thing happen last nite. There is an ottoman that came with my overstuffed chair (you can see it a little in the 1st pic in front of the chair)-- just got the set in March of 08. All of a sudden last nite while I was working, I look over and it had collapsed!! I turned it over and the whole bottom frame fell apart. EWWWW, I was not happy -- I bought it at a very country-style (and expensive) furniture store and had to wait 6 weeks (!!) for the order to come in! So, you know I was on the horn this morning -- they will come to take and replace, but can't get here until mid-February!! They do have excellent customer service, but wow, this really was not a good thing. The cat loves laying on it -- he's a big boy, but not THAT big!! LOL.

Take care and stay warm, all!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Busy Sunday

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine, as anticipated, was busy. Took my mom to the hairdresser yesterday, then food-shopping, and out to dinner. I am so blessed with my little mom. She's 96, sharp as a tack, and so funny! We had a good day yesterday. I just adore her. We've always been very close. (she looks,welllll, about 80). Looks good.

Today -- back to least I could work here and not the office. Took a short break to do a teeny redo. Painted the lamp black for better contrast. It had been red before -- to close to the color of the desk, and I have a red plaid sofa, so toooo much red! I like this you?
Found this little holder yesterday. Not painting it but using it for my make-up stuff. But it's so cute.

I am hoping to get a a day or two off later this week to get to some projects and just relax. Want to try and do an album, once my bedroom is done. That should be fun! But I need some time to do that, and not feel pressured or guilty that I should be getting to this work project, so it will have to wait until that is done and out the door.
So that's it for my day! Hope yours was warm and toasty! Gonna grab some dinner, and back to work...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Prim redos

Well, it looks like life in the big city is not being kind to me -- I have to work again this weekend. More changes, more re-rewrites. Boo-hoo!! Plus, I have to help out my mom this w/e. So, I did my redos last night and this AM just in case... good thing I did!
so...this is what I bought...
and this is how it turned out:
Love the grungy candle that I made weeks ago...
And that shelf I got at the thrifty for $5 looked like this:
And it's all done! (not a great pic, but you get the idea...) And that lovely hurricane lamp only needed some cleaning, a tea-candle, and bowl fillers.

And while I was at it, I did another game board from an old cutting board. And of course, the hairy boy had to watch and keep me company (really thinking: when is she going to bed so I can grab the big chair??) LOL.
This is what he REALLY wanted! Hope you enjoyed my redos! Have a good weekend (what's a weekend????? Can I have one soon, pretty please????) :>)

No surprise at Weight Watchers...:<(

Well, as I thought, I did gain 2.5 pounds (arrrggghhh~) but I sort knew I gained "something" -- my jeans felt a little tight and I have been eating junk all week and not getting any exercise at all stuck behind this computer all week. I am still way lower than goal weight, but it doesn't take much to start creeping up, so I am back on track as of today. First of all, I have to be in the office all day so no junk access, and I may have to stop buying WW ice cream cones (!!) until I lose these 2 pounds -- I am so addicted to them, it's crazy. Anyway, the leader had 2 great thoughts I want to share with all of you who are on the weight loss journey -- or even just thinking about it. When you read the it, it might just grab you by your pony tail and make you STOP!! LOL. The first:


Wow, does that sum it up, or what???? I know that my weight gain was totally emotional eating -- I was stressed to the max with this project, I was overly tired, and I was bored with not being able to do anything but work. (You should see the mess in my kitchen...well, then again, maybe not!!).

Second thought:


Well? Does that tell the story of most of us????

The best thing about WW is the weekly weigh-in, the ability to catch yourself before things get out of hand again and getting back on track... and the support. My GF gained a little as well, but she looks so good, who cares? (she does!). So we're back on counting points for the day and in a week or so, I will have lost them. She cooks, I don't..LOL. BTW, I still don't like this Momentum program and I still can't get how they combined core and flex.... but, I'm sticking to the old way, anyway. (Oh, and I had to PAY $5 to replace my gold card and weigh-in book, so I will be much more careful now. I bet I find the old ones now that I paid for the new ones!

I will have pics galore for you'all this weekend, once I get to my redos. Can't wait to get painting! Meanwhile, I'm off to the office and hope you all have a great day!!! Think about that little thought above -- I'm printing it out and attaching it to the fridge to make me stop and think before I start to rummage around for food I don't really want!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nifty Thrifties!

So, yes-in-deeedy, I picked up 3 goodies at the hospital thrift shop! The first is the great wooden candle holder ($2.00) -- tell me, should I paint it black or leave as is??
I also picked up this great shelf that I will paint black for $5.00.

And, finally, a very pretty hurricane lamp that will fit a tea candle safely. Will probably just clean up the silver and leave as is...??? What do you think? Paint or leave as is?? The glass is so thin and dainty -- I will break it for sure! Probably soon -- I'm such a klutz. Hey Janene, I think I will KEEP all of these nifties!!! LOL!!

It's Almost Friday!

What a nightmare of a week. I am sooo happy tomorrow is Friday and maybe, just maybe, I can kick back a little this weekend. A few of you asked how I can work from home and the office -- I work for a small company that does big work, so I am the jack of all trades -- mostly sales and contract management and professional writing. When we have a big project, I do the writing and all the contract stuff -- so I do it from home where I can concentrate, have my coffee and not be disturbed with phones ringing and stuff. Today, I'm almost done this mega-project, so I'm going off to see some clients and get out here for a while. I haven't been in real clothes since Sunday! I haven't had a day off in two weeks, so I really need a break.

The client I am going to see is right near one of my favorite thrifties, so maybe I'll find something good in there today! I'm excited to do a thriftie run...I have visions of redos this weekend! Yipee!
Uh, oh...tonite is WW meeting. I have been so stressed this week that I may have added a pound or two...we'll see. I seem to have lost my weight record booklet -- I actually think I tossed it by mistake!!-- so I have to get a new one. I hope that if I did gain, it won;t be much.... but I'm a tad nervous to get on that scale! This journey never ends! Always gotta watch the weight...
I don't have much today, since I've been connected to my laptop all week... but I'll leave you with a pic of a teeeeeny bit of snow we got on Tuesday. It's gone already, but it is still pretty cold today. Have a great day -- maybe I'll have thrifties to show you tomorrow!

Have a great day!