Monday, January 12, 2009

Congrats are in order...

This will be a quickie since I'm trying to juggle about a million things for work, but I just wanted to send some congrats to:
  • Linda at for the wonderful news about Country Sampler and all of the good things coming her way this month. I must admit that Linda was my inspiration to switch from foo-foo country to prim, and I'm sure that her spread in CS will do that to about a zillion others. I found Linda's blog by accident as I was googling prim pictures and somehow was directed to her slide show. I had never even seen a blog before then! She is about to see her dream come true, and I think it is just great. I'm sure the company who makes black paint loves her, too, since I;m sure they have seen their stock go thru the roof!!!

  • Also wanted to send congrats to everyone on the weight loss journey, whether by WW or by your own methods. If I learned anything during my own journey (aside how to eat healthier) it was that the only way to get it off is to be totally motivated and almost driven to succeed. The ups and downs (literally) will come and the motivation gets you thru the tines the scale doesn't show you what you want to see. So congrats to all who are motivated to succeed.
So how about those Eagles!?!?! I have to tell you that I am not usually a football fan except when they win(!!) and after Philly celebrated a long awaited World Series parade for the Phillies this Fall, we want another one for the Eagles, so I jumped in that bandwagon! Looking forward to Sunday's games -- would be great to have a PA super bowl with Steelers and Eagles!!
Well, I must dash but hope to be back later tonite with some pics to share. Might be nice if I take a few minutes to figure out ow to use the camera so my pics are nice, but you know that immediate gratification thing! Have a wonderful day!


  1. As you know I'm waiting for that Steeler and Eagles super bowl too...wouldn't it be the neatest thing! Gooooooo Steelers!

  2. Linda has inspired me too!
    I want her to travel to Ohio to decorate my house!
    She so totally deserves this! How wonderful to dedicate a post to her!

  3. I love Linda's decorating and she needs to come to our house 1st! I can't wait til Country Sampler comes out.


  4. Terry,
    Love you post today.
    Linda has inspired a lot of us and she has decorated her home so wonderfully.
    And all the ladies that are on the weight loss journey have inspired me as I have working on a healthier me since Sept. and have now lost 14 lbs. It really helps to know that others are our there taking this same journey and that we can be there for each other.

  5. I think Linda has done such a beautiful job with her house, too. And it would appear that if she ever needed money, she could make a small fortune fixing up all of our homes! LOL!

    Congrats on the Eagles win!


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