Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Grubby candles and tarts

I didn't get to do much good stuff today-- was busy with revisions of the nightmare project.

I did work from home (key word: work) and I was just so tired. These past two weeks of deadline work caught up with me. I had good intentions, but I think I'll have to wait to the w/e and get a trip to the TS into the schedule. I did get to few little things. I grunged up some candles...
VERY easy the Big City way:
  • take a plain tea candle and put it in a microwavable cup you don't use for anything but crafting.
  • heat it and check on it every 40 seconds or so until it melts.
  • when melted, toss in some spice powder and some craft paint (brown, red, black etc) -- just a dab to color the wax.
  • take a small paintbrush and heavily swipe it all over the candle. Within 30 minutes for drying, you have an easy grubbed candle!

I have an idea what to do with them, but I'll save it until I'm sure it works! If it does, I'll post the final product.

What else? I put up my new sampler behind my bed. I think it's perfect there. Then, I got a call from a new friend who owns a small prim shop very close to where I live. She is moving the store to a larger location, so she'll be closed for about a month while she and her hubby pack up the store, get it moved, and then set up in the new shop (which she tells me is in a converted big home -- can't wait to see it!!). Her stuff is mostly handmade and so cute. Anyhoo, she knew I was cooing over her candle tarts, so she pulled a pile together for me to hold me over until she re-opens! I took a run over, and came back with these. They smell deee-licious!! Mulled cider and cinnamon. What can smell better on a cold, icy day? I have an electric tart warmer in the BR and the LR so it smells yummy in here.

And while I was there, I picked up a throw blanket that she was almost giving away. Yum. Love the colors. Sort of a maroon and beige. On the bed now. Then I went back to work!

We did have an ice storm here in Philly, and the schools were closed, but I didn't think it was anywhere near as bad as what I've seen on some of your blogs! It's already warming up and melting off. Good thing, since I have to get to WW for a weigh-in tomorrow. I've been trying to be good...but we'll see if I was able to get any of those 2 pounds off!

So, that was my day...hope yours was warm and safe! Everyone got such good stuff done today! Did you see the pics of Gina's cats (and pup??) Could they be any cuter?? I could just gobble them up! What love bugs!!!!


  1. Terry ~ I love that fast & easy way to grubby the candles & I'm trying it tomorrow. Thanks. Love your new blanket & lucky you to be holding those tarts & enjoying the scent. Stay warm & safe.


  2. hi Terry,
    I can just imagine how nice it smells in your rooms, I love that scent.
    Thanks for the easy way to grunge candles I'm going to try that.
    Also that is such a nice prim blanket!

  3. Oh Terry you are a sweetheart!..thanks for the love that throw you the colors...don't you just love those tart mother-in-law got me an electric one for christmas..I turn it on everyday (or I at least try)..I love how it smells the house up so nicely..I think you should post a photo of your big I can get my daily fix..gosh I hope your "nightmare" project gets fixed you can take some R&R to relax and go thrift shopping..wish I could go with you..take care..:)

  4. Hi Terry!
    Great grunge idea :) thanks!
    Love your throw.
    We got ice too, then a foot of snow on top of it--I am SICK of WINTER! :)

    Have a wonderful day

  5. What a nice friend you have :) I bet your house smells YUMMY!

    A Prim that's something I always look for and can't find. I just got an idea, though...I have a waffle print like throw like the one you got. I bet I could sew some Prim band on it with something stitched on there!!! Voila'

    I have grubbied and primmed up lots of candles over the years, too. I've tried just painting them, adding salt to the paint, oatmeal and glue and cinnamon. It's a great way to get Prim candles without costing a lot. I use the candles from the dollar store :)

    Have a great day! Hopefully you'll get through that project and have some time to CRAFT! :)


  6. Terry~ I need a grubby candle for my newly primmed candle holder....I am so glad that you posted this...I will get my goodies this weekend!
    I can't wait until you go thrifting...because I love snooping into your stash! You and I have such great taste!
    Have a warm day!


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