Friday, January 16, 2009

Is It COLD Enough For Ya?!?!?!

I think the Big Boy has the right idea!! A nap in front of the fireplace! Geez, I am echoing everyone's else post today -- it is bitter cold out there. I always say I love the winter, but sub-zero is even too much for me!

It turns out that I have to do a ton of work this weekend (for my job) -- some of it here, some at the office. But, I did take tomorrow morning for an early manicure and then a little thrift shopping. I still have to get something to replace that yucky wicker bookcase in my office/den, and just some goodies i can redo while watching the EAGLES win on Sunday. I have to get my work done by Sunday afternoon, because I can't miss that game! Last minute stuff common in nursing, but as long as I have time to do some thrifting and redo, I"ll be fine.

I just opened my copy of Linda's layout on Country Sampler (page 54), and wow, it is something to see! Great pics and copy that really tells readers about her. Exciting stuff! (and I STILL haven't heard from Country Home, nor have I gotten a copy of the mag this month! :<(

Stay warm everyone -- will post pics of my thrifties tomorrow~


  1. Hello-Just stopped by to find out if you are close to Pottsville Pa? My sister-in-law lives there and is also a prim lover. She is an RN at a nursing home somewhere by Blandon. I know she is always looking for some good places to go and maybe you two could be prim buds.
    GO STEELERS-Ha Ha-from Pgh My Hubby is an Eagles Fan so let the party begine this Sunday.

  2. Taking your work home! And on the weekend?
    How horrible!!
    Stay warm! I can't wait to get my copy of Coutry Sampler...Linda's home is my favorite!!

  3. Hey girl...It is freezing down here in the South this weekend also! I have been looking for the March Country Sampler everywhere...they are not out yet down here...I can't wait to get one and see Linda's house...Thanks so much for coming by..I played in the kitchen all day rearranging the dining room and finishing the last toile panels for the glass doors...I am loving how it is looking! Hope you have a great weekend and stay warm!


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