Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to Real Life!!

Wow, I was swamped after a few days off!! What a long day! A million things were waiting for me when we all got back to work today. And of course, traffic is back to normal, too -- meaning that we're back to hour long rush-hours and late dinners. Oh well...I shouldn't cpmplain considering that so many people are out of work. Anyway...

How could I have shown you my teeny-tiny kithen without showing you my favorite re-do? Silly me! My stove cover..aka 'breadboard' -- made from the top of a table! I have been crazy about breadboards and almost gave in and bought one, when my eye lingered over the top of a table that I had stashed in my den, ready to ditch because it was taking up so much room. Aha, I said, paint it black and use it on the stove! It's big and just right. So, I'm glad I didn't toss it as I had planned!

I love hens and roosters and picked this up at a thrift shop for about 50 cents. Ok, so much for the kitchen.

The tour continues in the living room. Nice size, but no hardwood floors!! Hardwoods seem to make the room. I'm stuck with carpet. (blech). I have these throw rugs all over the place becaue it's a litle tough to not spill a little paint here and there when painting furniture in an apartment! I love hard wood floors -- they really make the room (sigh) but that is not going to happen here... but at least the cat is happy because he can use them to scratch his big feet instead of my furniture!
I made a few investments in my LR -- both the sofa and the big chair cost a bundle but well worth it. The other more modest investment is my electric fire place -- it looks so real --I love it and leave it on all winter. The best thing is that it takes up very little electricity (unless I use the heating element, which I usually don't) and it warms up the room to cozy status. The mantle is real and picked up at a flea market years ago.

Let's see....what else? Hmmm, bookcases are everywhere and they are full of books (all of which I've read, really!) I am a book pack-rat, because when I teach a class, I never know when I'm gonna need one of them, but I have slowly started to thin them out and donate them. It's like giving up old friends. I've saved them all from graduate school and even undergrad, which was a long time ago! Nursing, history, communication, it's like a library in here. And dontcha love the vacuum cleaner doll? No closet space! And a local crafter made it for me.

And the wall behind the sofa...

and some prim goodies... of course~

After a short break, our next stop will be the bedroom....:>)

I was SOOO impressed with Janine and Kim making such weight loss commitments today. Tomorrow, I'll post some suggestions that might help -- things I learned during my own weight loss journey. Each journey is individual, so if they help, I'm happy. But, for now, keep going Eagles!!!!! and see ya tomorrow! Dinner awaits!


  1. Love your stove cover and couch...such a prim place and so nice to come home to:0

    Did you know that you can enlarge your pictures? Look around when you post I know it's there where it tells you and believe me if I found it and did it... you can too.LOL I hope you don't mind these suggestions because when I first started my blog I sure was happy when someone gave me a few:0
    Have a great day tomorrow:)

  2. ~*thanks*~ for the tips! Anything is so helpful! I remember everything I've learned, now it's just a matter of not forgetting all that I want to pass on to others!
    Blessings, Kimberly

  3. I'm from PA about 30 miles SW of Pittsburgh:)West Brownsville right up the hill from California University:)

    I started to get comments from a young foriegn guy so I just went to blogger approvel so I could delete them if I got anymore:) I don't need that in my life!LOL
    Have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the help...I so much appreciate it! I hope you didn't get in trouble commenting at work! Naughty, naughty, naughty!
    Yeah, if you can enlarge your pictures like Rondell suggested that would be great...I like to get close and snoop at all the details!
    Did I miss the picture of the fireplace?
    I love your stove board...ingenius!

  5. I see you got your award up there! Very nice! What a cute apartment! It just looks so cozy and inviting. ~Beth~


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