Thursday, January 1, 2009

here's the kitty!

Here's my sweetie! This kitty is a big baby, with big being the operative word! The Oz-man was adopted from a breeder who had shown him at shows, so he's an award winner. (I'm not a fan of cat shows, and obviously neither was Ozzie). I adopted him as an adult cat and he was sooo happy to get into a real home. He's a real love -- very gentle as Maine Coon's are, and very attached. He follows me from room to room, lays next to me (unless he's curled up on his chair for a 'real' nap) -- what a sweetie. Maine Coons will eat you out of house and home (he does) and males can get as big as 25 pounds. This little babe is 19.5 pounds, and imagine THAT waking you up every morning by sitting on you!

I'm testing out the camera so I'm sure the pics will get better as I get used to using the digital. It's a little harder figuring out how to shoot the rooms without looking like I live in a prim shop -- have to figure out how to do this! But for a start, he's my dining room shelf -- ewww, I don't think I zoomed in enough!! What's the trick to this?? LOL. Anyway, this is some thrift stuff. The coffee pot I re-pained with a rusty red, as well as the lantern -- both were $1.00 each! The stacking boxes with the light was a Christmas present -- I love it. The little brown pitcher was also a thriftie for about 50 cents. I'll try tomorrow to get at least one room posted -- once I play around with the camera and figure out how!!!


  1. Yea! Your doing it! I knew you could! And your on a primitive place, too! Keep taking pics and you will have to go on Webshots! It is addicting and it just goes from one to the next, but it sure is fun! ~Beth~

  2. Oh I just love your little oz kitty..he is certainly a cross between our little Millie and Pody...and Pody loves to eat.thats why she is probably 16-20 pounds..not sure but she is solid..I love the photos of your shelf too...I can't wait to see more...have a great weekend...


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