Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trash to Treasure re-do!

I am impressed and inspired by my new blogger buddies who have taken the weight loss challenge for the New Year. I know that it can get boring talking about it, but it's so important to share ideas and have support, which I belive is one of the reasons WW is the only way to really do it and keep it off. You may lose weight on the other 'diets' -- but that is what they are -- a diet-and there isn't anyone teaching you how to eat, only what to eat. So when the 'diet' is over and the food stops coming to your front door in a box, then what?? I look at Kristie Alley and wonder if that's what happened to her. I think it's gotta be something you do as part of your life -- how to eat, what to eat, how to shop, how to deal with the cravings, sharing successes and the low points, all of that is what WW taught me. Kim started a great blog which almost like a virtual meeting at so I hope you'll stop over for some great information.

I was just talking to my girlfriend who I go to meetings with, and we're both a little nervous about weighing in tomorrow nite. We're both Lifetimers so we both know that if we got too out of control over the holidays, we'll just start back up and lower our points so we an lose again (rather than maintain.) We didn't have meetings for 2 weeks because the holiday fell on our meeting days, and if I don't have that scale to monitor me, I can get a little cocky and eat a little too much. So, I'll let you know on Friday how I did! Even though as a Lifetimer, I only have to go once a month, I still go every week so I can keep tabs on things and get some ideas from the group. I'm not sure what this new Momentum program is, but we'll find out tomorrow nite. There are women in my group who have lost over 100 pounds and they are great cooks and really an inspiration.

Look what I found at the side of the road yesterday! You know I couldn't just drive by and let this little gem go into the landfill!!! It was pretty beat up, and had that chicken wire that had lots of rough edges. Got out my trusty wire cutters and got rid of all that. Of course the Big Boy had to check it out and see what was up. :>)

now, hmm, this looks like a good hiding place..... uh oh, here she comes with the paint brush!!

Well, she's at it again!!! I guess it's time for a nap. LOL

So this is what it looks like now after I repainted (with black of course!!) and after I replaced the chicken wire with old screen mesh. Much better!! Now in the BR and being put to good use.

Well, that's my news for today -- hope everyone has a great day!! (wonder what I'll find today out there??? LOL)


  1. Wow - I never find good stuff like that! What a great t2t project!!

  2. Wow! I wanna ride around in your neighborhood! LOL! Cool find! ~Beth~

  3. I hope you remember where you found that great piece, I'd be driving by there again! It looks wonderful and how quickly you revamped it! I am impressed! Ann

  4. I have one too only I found it at Goodwill it's in an earlier post maybe I should label them, now another thing to learn how to do:)
    Good luck on your WW meeting tomorrow evening I know you will do well!

  5. wow you are flipping quick and what a neat find!..I love the color and the new mesh..and that kitty just makes me smile...give him a great big squeeze for me...just precious..:)

  6. Great find! I love it black, but I loved it red too!
    Thanks for keeping up with me re:WW... I do remember about the 35 flex points, but have never really dipped into them. When I follow the program it's always easy for me to lose and I know it's because I'm very strict with myself!
    Hugs, Kimberly

  7. What a great find!! Isn't is fun to find great treasures along the side of the road! I love it painted black...and your kitty is just too cute checking it out.


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