Thursday, February 26, 2009

Look what the mailman brought me!

A CAT'S TALE (tail)
I'm feeling up for a little excitement. Nothing good for me to "accidently" delete on the computer today. (heh, heh...) Wait -- someone's at the door.
Ohhh, look!! A big box!
Oh, cool. I see that it's made in the good old USA. I want IN THE BOX. Gotta explore and all that stuff. So undignified, but I just can't help myself.
Gee, wonder what she bought this time? hmmm, too big for a book...must be somethin' I can jump on!
Oh WOW! It's her new bed cover!!! Great! Something new for me to sharpen my claws on !!! Awww, ain't it nice how she always thinks of me?!
Ewww, I like this thing! Hey, let me bring up my sock toy and play a little, ya know...sniff it out, make myself at home on bed. Hey, wait a minute!! Watcha doin taking the curtains down!?
OK, I like them. They can stay.
Oh, man this sock tastes good... like cat nip. Yum!

Well, if she was gonna keep taking my picture, the least she could have done was to give me time to wash up and make myself presentable. ohhhh, the cat nip is making me drowsy (YAWN)... I think it's time to take a little snooze. I've been playing for 20 minutes already!Just a little one, cuz now she's gonna start that tweaking business again!! Oh, well, I guess the story will have to be continued tomorrow.... meanwhile, I need just a oh-so-short nap (YAWN)... a cat's life is really tough, ya know. oh yeah, I'm sooo worn out. Guess I'll hafta pick up the story tomorrow... nitey nite!



  1. Terry, I've been thinking lately that time has been flying, but wow, I thought you just ordered that bedspread, has it been 6 weeks already?!LOL I LOVE IT! I bet you are happy with it too. Your bedroom looks very put together, especially since everything matches the cat. I'd have to have an orange bedroom for that to happen - might have to get rid of the cat! Just joking we love Frito, he's spoiled rotten, 5 humans: 1 cat, guess who comes out on the good end of the deal? ~Ann

  2. Terry~That is the greatest story ever told by a cat!
    Wow...6 weeks only felt like one to me! It is a wonderful bedspread...where did you order that from?
    What a wonderful night sleeping under your new covers!

  3. Hi Terry,
    Your kitty sure loves the new bed cover you got for him. LOL... The cover looks great on your bed.

  4. Hi Terry! love love the bed cover!....and the curtains go well with it too!....the furball is too adorable for words....cute story! Janet :)

  5. I think you spoil your cat, he's like a human and you can tell he loves the camara:)
    Love the cover so prim...let us know where you ordered it from ok? the curtains look great with it too!

  6. I love your coverlet and how it looks with the curtain. What a cat!

  7. Your kitty sure is LOVING that bed cover( it won't show the cat hair will it, lol!)Very nice, and love the curtains, too. Have a nice weekend!

  8. Oh Terry, your kitty is quite the story teller...I must have my kittys do the same..that is hysterical and thanks for the funny post today...our cats sit on my hubbys lap top too and change all of his settings..he is alway amazed at how they can shut it all down and I say push all the buttons and you will get the same reaction..your kitty is too precious for need to publish him...:) love your new bedding/curtains....can't wait to see more tweaking...:)

  9. Hi Terry :)

    That was such a cute post!!

    I wonder if they have catnip for dogs? ;)



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