Tuesday, February 24, 2009

jug lamp redo

I found it! There is a kit to make lamps out of jugs (Janeen, stop laughing. LOL) I found the every last one at my local AC Moore yesterday. Maybe you all know this and I'm a latecomer? I was soo excited to find this! So here's what I did with one of my smaller jugs... (ok, there HAS to be another way to say this!! LOL)
The sprocket just connects to the opening and you have a new lamp.
Pretty cool, eh? Now that I know this works, I will convert a larger jug that I have been passing by at the concession shop. I'll pick it up this week, and find another kit.
I also did a little bathroom tweak. Nothing big -- I was tired last night and hit the sack early.
Today is Fat Tuesday so I have to bring donuts to the office. I will not indulge -- not crazy about donuts anymore...especially after WW -- lost my taste for them. My colleagues love to eat junk, tho.
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. Hi Terry!....I've been having trouble trying to leave you a message so I'll try again and see if it works this time....I wanted to tell you that I have seen the jug/lamp conversion thingies on ebay too so if you ever can't find them locally you can always look there....your jug lamp is very cute!....have a great day! Janet :)

  2. Hi Terry,
    I really like how your lamp turned out...and I love the tweaking you did in the bathroom.

  3. Hi Terry, I wanted to comment on your jug lamp before, but couldn't!
    Love how it turned out!!
    Your tweakin in the bathroom looks great too!

    Have a great day-Kath


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