Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goodies from the mailman

I love to come home to goodies from the US Mail! I finally got my new CS yesterday, plus my curtains came. I'm thinking I'll wait until the bedcover comes before I put them up, IF I can wait another month. If I get ambitious over the w/e, I'll put them up -- just can't decide. The kitchen might be my project this w/e. I stopped by the TS on my way home from work yesterday, and lookie what I picked up for $1.00!
Remember, I picked up Mary Emmerling's first book from the 80's a few weeks ago for the same price. Some great pictures in this one... I just love to curl up with a cup of coffee and just look through these books and dream...
I'm sorta getting overtaken by all of my books here, so I'm hoping to sort through a bunch and bring them to the TS on Saturday. I have a BUNCH of Shabby Chic/Rachel Ashwell's, so if anyone wants them, drop me an email and I'll be happy to send them to you.
Isn't this candle holder pretty? Picked that up at the TS, too. It's sitting on the unusual cutting board I picked up on Saturday.Haven't shown you the furball lately. He must have brushed up against some paint because he had a nice patch of goo on his fur that I had to cut off yesterday. He didn't like that, so he swiped my big chair and took a nap. LOL. Such a love bug.I'm still not sure what's going on with Google, so I disabled the security on the comments section. Other than that -- it's time to go to work! So glad that 10-ton Tess sat on me this morning or I would have overslept. You never need an alarm clock if you have a cat! Have a great day -- can you believe we start the Easter season today? I haven't put away my Christmas stuff yet!!


  1. I love finding stuff in the mail too:) Makes the day a little brighter.

    Your cat makes me laugh, he seems to love to sleep:)

    Can't wait to see the curtains up:)

  2. Oh I don't know how you can wait...I would have already had those curtains up!! :) I can't wait to see your room when it's done.

    I love your kitty pics, I "used" to think my cats were spoiled...until I saw pics of yours! ;)LOL!


  3. Kitty's are cute. I love Marry Emmerling's style. I have several of her books. This is my first visit to your blog. Enjoy your magazines!

  4. Terry...How much longer are you going to make us wait?
    I love those Park Designs curtains!
    I didn't know that Piper Classics had a magazine...I just visit their website! Now I need to get me a magazine so I can look and re-look over the magazine!
    I got my CS too...I look at it daily...Why? I don't know...I'm just weird like that!

  5. you make me laugh...I love getting magazines and curling up and looking at them..I am behind on my magazine ready..seems the only time I have is on the pot..if you know what I mean...hey I am interested in the books you are many are there? and thanks for sharing your photos of your love bug..and you are right...ours lets us know when they need to be fed....suddenly they weigh about a million pounds as they walk ssslllooowwlly acrossed us in bed...oh our little pody ann weighs 13 pounds..feels more like 20..she is one solid little fur ball...she is feeling better too...have a good one...:)

  6. Thanks for you kind words on my blog!! I love your blog btw!!! So much fun!! You cat is awesome!!! Have a great day..


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