Monday, February 2, 2009

A little prim history

I'm early today-- will be busy with rewrites today and wanted to get an early start. I hope this is the final change, because I am so sick of looking at this project and even sicker of working on it. LOL
My girlfriend gave me this great old book last night that she got at a library fundraiser and I thought I'd share -- it is so cool. Author is Mary Emmerling when she was still with House Beautiful -- back in the 1980's -- I think copyright is 1982. Still has some black and white pictures (imagine that today!) but much of it is in color and has some really interesting history behind those prim goodies we love.
One of the pics that caught my eye was this one (I apologize for the blur -- I tried, but still not sure how to do books)-- it came from a museum up in New Hampshire. Doesn't it look familiar?? Who do we know that has a chair just like it?? Doesn't this look very similar to Linda's (Behind My Red Door) chair? And living room? What caught my attention is how flat the seat is on the original (sore on tushy!) but it is really great how Linda's home is so close to the original designs.
Another thing that I thought was interesting was that, according to at that time, most prim/early American lovers today are city dwellers -- and small home or apartment dwellers like yours truly. She had a ton of pics of prim apts (including her own apt in NYC) that have been transformed into a prim haven. I don't know why I was so surprised, but I was.

I'm reading the chapter on 'pottery' -- red ware, mochaware, yellow ware, etc -- amazing how many different types there are. And all of them just so beautiful. One that I really liked was Bennington ware -- check it out on the Internet. Dates back to the mid19th century. I'll play with the camera and try to get a good pic -- it really is unique. And I want some. LOL.

While I am on the topic of history, I thought I'd show you my favorite TS which is in the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. The Bryn Athyn cathedral dates back to the 1700's and is now a Protestant denomination. It known for it's gothic architecture, rich wood interior, and restoration -- really something to see. Favorite place for weddings because of it's artistic beauty. Very well known in this area and with History buffs.

Behind it, is a huge old red barn where the TS is located -- this gives you an idea how old it is! This is the inside of the shop. No wonder I get such great stuff there. It's on 2 levels and all proceeds go to restoration of the cathedral. You can almost 'smell' the history! What a great window!So, that's my history lesson for today!! Hope you enjoyed the pics. Hope everyone has a great Monday...I'm off to work...


  1. Terry~
    I always love reading your posts!
    Now I want THAT book! You ought to sell it!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
    I can see why you love going to that barn to pick up goodies...pick me up next time and we will shop together!

  2. Whoo...what a night, I still can't believe it:)

    I'll have to keep an eye out for that book, isn't it amazing how when you look at the pictures you think it's taken in a old home and here it's a regular apartment! Amazing isn't it?

    Love where your TS is located how neat is that?
    Have a great day.

  3. Terry,
    I am so glad you enjoy Bryn Athyn Cathedral. Actually construction of the Cathedral began in 1913. It is still an active church of the Swedenborgian faith today. Let me know if you have any other questions about Bryn Athyn Cathedral or if you would like to take a guided tour.

  4. Hi Terry! I used to own that book and I lent it to someone and never got it back! OH now I am missing it so much!

    Mary Emmerling used to be so country/colonial but she really went way out a limb in the 90's.

    I need to look for that book again!! Thanks for reminding me of it!

    hugs, Linda

  5. Terry-That book looks like one I will have to add to my collection of books. Your redo's are all turning out great. I wish I had more time as I also love to putts around with things. Were is the Cathedral located? (In Philly?) I'll have to stop by when we head home to my hubby's. Have a good one.
    Yeah Steelers!!!


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