Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another version of making grubbies, and kitty pics for Gina LOL

How is everyone today? I'm getting REAL close to the end of the nightmare project, so I'm doin' good! (I should tell you that I've worked with my boss for 30 years, so she's my boss but also like family. So I can tell her she's getting on my nerves. LOL)
I have yet another version of grubby candle making that I just had to share. Just thought of it, tried it, and came out nice. As you might remember, I'm a huge fan of tart warmers. I save the wax when I change tarts (empty into an old candle jar when it's still hot liquid) -- so it looks like this. It has a delicious scent because its all the wax from all the tarts -- and a nice color as well.
I changed tarts today, and took the liquid wax and poured it into a small old cup. Then took the candle that was plain white:
Added a touch of brown paint and mixed it up. The wax starts to solidify (hafta work fast) and then I brushed it quickly on the candle. Let it dry for about 15 minutes..and.. here's the finished candle in one of my redo candle holders! No need for spices -- the scent is on the wax! And as the wax is solidifying, it gets grubby. How clever is that!?!?!?! LOL.
And -- no need for tea candles! or microwaves! Pretty cool, eh?
I haven't posted any kitty pics for at least 2 days --OMG what's wrong with me?! I know Gina loves my kitty pics as I love hers, so here's a few just for her (and anyone else who isn't bored to death looking at the furball.) Begging for treats.... how can you say no to that face?
And sitting on my computer waiting for breakfast today...why I never get any work done! (also known as "I want what I want when I want it.")

The water bottle is to squirt him when he is REALLY bad, which is like every 15 minutes. :>)

Well, I"m back to work... it's actually snowing here, but not sticking. Pretty, though. Try the new candle recipe -- you'll love it!


  1. Terry,
    That's another trick I'm going to have to try with my candles. Thanks for sharing. Love your kitty pics.


  2. Hi Terry,

    What a neat way to grub up those old candles that we have laying around;)

    I have a squirt bottle to for Buster...he's not allowed to jump on people, it only took one squirt and he was trained:)

  3. Your genius astounds me!
    I usually just throw mine away! Not any more!!!
    I want that cat...can you send him to me?
    I need to pick up some candles...where do you get yours?

  4. Your candle idea is great and it looks super!
    Thanks for sharing your thrifty idea.

  5. Hello Terry!....this is my first time visiting and I just have to comment on the kitty sitting on the computer, that picture made me LOL because I know that look all too well! My Katie gives me that very same look when she wants something too! Janet :)

  6. Oh Terry thank you for my daily dose of the big boy..he is yummy...ours sit on the lap too..my hubby always wonders what keys they pushed (all of them)...and he has to restart everything as it just wrecks havoc on it..but then who can resist those precious little faces..I know i can't..thats why they all need to be on diets...thanks for the wonderful tip on the candles..give that boy a love for me..

  7. Hi again Terry!....after you posted on my blog about The Phantom, I just had to come back to ask you if you have seen the movie?....if you have, I'd love to know what you thought of it!....if you are an MC fan though I probably already know, ha!....I first saw him as The Phantom in 1989 in Los Angeles, I was pregnant with our youngest son and we named him Michael after MC! Janet :)

  8. Now who in the world could be bored with that handsome devil!!! Beth

  9. You can never post too many pictures of kitties. My camera has so many. I love your blog and will be back. I have already requested the book you suggested along with another. Can't wait to get them. Have a great day.~~Melissa

  10. Great looking candle! Love your kitty too!

  11. Hi Terry....I waited sooo long for the movie too and just could not believe why on earth did they cast Gerard Butler as The Phantom? I mean let alone not Michael Crawford but they cast someone without any singing experience!! It was unbelievable! It would have been the best movie ever if they had only put MC as The Phantom! Ok there's my rant for the day, LOL Janet :)

  12. LOL - nope - my house does not look that clean all the time. Sometimes, but not for long! LOL As I have said many times in the past, the mess is always behind me and the camera. I just figure you don't want to see my messes! My refrig does look like that all the time though. Now that just 2 middleaged folks live here, the big bowl with all the kis crap in it is gone and there is room in the cupboard and pantry for every thing else! Love the candle re-do! Very clever!

  13. Terry, you are just so darn creative! You must never sleep! LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such wonderful words of encouragement. I really do appreciate it!

    I'm glad to hear you have a Honda and that you like it! Honda is our bread and butter, so your feedback means alot! DH has worked there for 25 years. What kind of Honda do you have?


  14. Love your candle redos - thanks for sharing! I make grubby candles too and my house always smells so wonderful!

  15. Great job, I love the color of that candle, I will have to try this. Aren't the mccalls tarts the best, they are my favorite!!!!


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