Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'm itching to do some tweaking, but time is short this week. Spent the day with my little mom yesterday (I complained how HOT it was -- and she thinks I'm nuts!) which was fun - got her all set for the week. She's coming over this weekend so I can do her taxes (and mine) and get that out of the way. We both get refunds -- do you think we'll ever see them?? We had better!!I did get to do a teeny bit last nite. I painted this piece of wood (which you can't see -- a creamy color) and added two prim thingies to it. I still have to do a border... When I get some time tonite, I may get to do it. I have WW tonite (uh oh!) so I may get home too late -- I'll see.
Moved some of my jugs (I just love that word!) together...
Painted a mason jar and glued a ribbon and star...
And did I show you my new redware plate I picked up over the weekend?

And a little bathroom tweak (very little, I know!) Just a little here and there... I should have picked up more of these blue mats while I was at the TS...
Don't forget that my 50th post is just days away! Giveaway winner is picked next Thursday, so don't forget to enter!
Have a good day, all! I'm off to work...


  1. Oh, I love that redware plate!!! All the tweaking you have done looks so good.

    Wishing you well for your WW meeting tonight I know you will do well:)

  2. Hi Terry!....I am complaining about the heat as well, I mean c'mon it's February and it's 70 degrees??....and now today it is so windy I can hardly stand it, it reminds me of the Santa Ana winds from Southern CA, yuck!....hopefully winter will return soon! Janet :)

  3. Terry,
    All of your tweaking looks great! I can't wait to see what you do next. I never complain about the heat, either, love it, but I'm looking out the window now & we're getting snow. Good luck at WW.

  4. Hi Terry-I only WISH I could complain about the heat, some heat...ANY HEAT!....we did hit 50 the other day! YAY!! It's snowing here again :(
    Love all your little tweaks, everything looks great. Love that plate too!
    Have a nice day-GL@WW :)

  5. I love your tweaking. I like how you just jump in there and do it as the spirit moves you! I love the redware plate. I'd love to collect that stuff. PAM

  6. The tweaking is paying off! I love your paintings! So talented! The jug display is my favorite!

  7. Great job tweaking. Everything looks wonderful, Have a good weekend, Janie

  8. Everything looks darling! I love that picture of you with your friend. You're beautiful :)

    I'm so sorry to read about your other friend Joann and her passing. May she rest in peace.



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