Saturday, February 21, 2009

TS Bingo!

Hi PrimBuds!
I wasn't even expecting to hit the TS today, but I was early for my manicure appt, so I had some time to check out if there were any goodies on the shelf in my favorite TS. Lookie at these finds!!
I love this candle holder! I will carefully redo this one -- look at the panels on the back!!
I just love it! I also found an unusual breadboard that has a name carved in the wood. No work needed on this one -- I'll leave it as is and hang it.
And a 2- for-1 wall sconce! Guess what?
There are 2!! (For $1.25!!)
So I will be busy the next few hours!! Tomorrow, I'll post the Bedroom redo and what I did with all of these goodies! Hope you're all having a good weekend! I'm in TS heaven!! Did I hit the jackpot, or what!?!?!? LOL!


  1. That candle box is to die for! Putting it up for sale? Didn't think so! LOL
    You did hit the jackpot!
    Enjoy doing your projects and looking forward to peeking into your doudoir!

  2. Hi Terry,
    You always find the best goodies at thrift stores...I want to come shop with you!
    After going to a prim shop's cabin fever open house...I went to 3 TS and found a couple things, but they seem to not have as much stuff lately. The shelves even look emptier.
    I hope to post about my goodies later today or tomorrow. Can't wait to see your redos!!
    hugs, Cindy

  3. My, oh my! Look at those finds! Next time you go shopping, invite me and we'll make a day of it, ok?

  4. You done good Terry!....have fun and enjoy the rest of your weekend! Janet :)

  5. I'd say you 'hit the jackpot'! Yet AGAIN! and Janene always seem to find the best stuff!
    Have fun with your re-do's...have a great weekend.


  6. must have a horseshoe up your butt...LOL ...That is a lot of luck in one stop!!! If you care to share the love...I will give you my addy!!!

  7. wow, great finds!!!! i love the candle holder box!! that is my fave. i can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

  8. Terry-Looks like some great treasures. Have fun with the redo's and keep us posted. Have a great one.

  9. You lucky rascal! I love the candle sconces and the breadboard is wonderful! Can't wait to see the redos!


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