Sunday, March 1, 2009

TS Switch!

Well, here's a switch from the usual -- I actually GAVE stuff to the TS yesterday! My GFs wanted to go to the TS yesterday, so that was great opportunity for me to do some cabinet cleaning and get some stuff out of here. Of course the Hairball sweetie had to help (in and out of the box -- well, he needs his exercise!). Cartons were everywhere! I packed up 3 cartons of old textbooks and donated them, plus some kitchen stuff. What a mess!!! But I was glad to have finally done it.

Of course, we had to check out the goodies-- and yes, indeedy, I did find a few things. Here's one thing...

and another bowl...

Then, my GF wanted to go to one of the concession shops we go to -- they do have several booths with prim goodies that are new. And look what I FINALLY found -- on sale! I have never been able to find a penny rug/mat -- and since I can't sew, I couldn't make my own! Perfect color for the dining room. It picks up the color of my yellow ware cups.

And.... guess what I did with the old jug?? (you have 2 guesses.LOL)
I like this better, and put my little jug back on the shelf with the others. So, we had a good day -- we all did out food shopping together, so we got a lot accomplished yesterday. Good thing, too, since we are about to (finally) get a heavy duty snowstorm -- 6-10 inches expected. Looks like I will be working from home tomorrow. Gives me a good opportunity to do some tweaking today! I have some ideas -- if they look good when I do it, I'll post them tomorrow!
Oh, I also picked this up yesterday at the concession shop. I've been reading how good this book is on your blogs -- and it is!! Wonderful pictures! Good price on used books, too.
Several of you asked where I purchased my new bedcover. I got it at Historic Decor ( They have some really beautiful fabrics. I'm lovin this bed cover. I turned it over today when I made my bed, and that looks good too! It's actually a yellow-gray background, altho it looks white here.
I hope everyone is having a good weekend. It sounds like a bunch of you have gotten sick with the crud that is really going around now. Hope you all got your flu shot this past fall! It helps! It really does, especially when the kids come home sick. Well, I"m off to a WW breakfast (oh, I did lose 8 oz last week (LOL) -- hey, a loss is a loss, right??!! Then I want to make sure my little mommy has enough stuff in the house in case we actually do have a snowstorm -- we don't plow well here in Philly, and she lives on a little street that will be ignored for sure. So, I want to make sure she's ok and has the goodies she needs to tide her over until I take her food shopping next week. Have a good Sunday!


  1. Terry~I love the great finds that you picked up! Another Jug? Aren't two enough? LOL
    I so want to see that book!
    Where in the heck do you find these awesome bowls? I have been scouring the GW stores over 4 towns and have yet to find one!!! You are so, so lucky!
    Enjoy your snow!

  2. Good morning, Terry!
    I often take boxes of stuff to goodwill, too. I love your gw and concession finds. That lamp is fabulous. I hope you don't get too big a storm. Love your penny rug, too.
    Enjoy your day tweaking.

  3. Hi Terry!....looks like you are having a wonderful weekend!....we here in Central Virginia are expecting FINALLY some snow too and I'm excited!....I'll post pictures tomorrow! Janet :)

  4. hi there....i love your blog...very upbeat....and you know what....we dont have any snow today...just sunshine....and windy cold weather...i am feeling better but not yet back to being i am staying inside to pretend it is a nice sunny warm day out...hehe...thanks for visiting my blog...linda

  5. Love the candle mat and the jug!! I got some goodies at the GW which I will share on my next post. 6 to 10 inches of snow!! glad we are not getting any here in Ohio. I'm so ready for Spring!


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