Tuesday, February 17, 2009

#50! and..tweakitis again!

Well, my dear blogging buds, this is my 50th post! I can't believe how timid I was to do a blog only two months ago. And now I post everything. LOL. Anyway, it has been great using this blog to get to know you all and share such great ideas. You guys are just so creative, and I steal so many of your great ideas! LOL!!

The acute tweakitis is getting ridiculous! (Help, I can't stop!! LOL) I moved some stuff around to balance the dining room....
Then I had to move some pillows around in the bedroom...
oh my, definitely time for a bedroom redo... next project.
Then I had to move the candle thingie from the DR into the bedroom... (which looks so much better in there)...

Then I had to do some rearranging around the fireplace... (hmmm, thinking about re-staining the chair which is like 50+ years old and was in my brother's bedroom since he was a tot...) and look at my sweet hairball posing so nicely...

and then the mantle needed some thinning out...

which of course meant I needed to move the firkin to a new place of honor...

My case of tweakitis is getting out of control! Will need to see the tweak doctor (aka the thrift shop!) Have a good day -- gotta get back to work! Do any of the rest of you have acute tweakitis or do I have an isolated case?? :>)


  1. A few years ago, that was me! LOL Lately, I seem to move things and end up putting them back as they were again. I have just gotten to this point where I realized that I don't have a lot of space so I have to use everything wisely. Also, I now am surrounded by lots of things that I love! At one time I wanted to paint and change nearly everything and now that's been done...I'm happy :)

    Enjoy your "tweakitis" :)

  2. Hi Terry!....I am getting ready to put away all of my Valentine decorations along with my Winter decor ::::sigh:::: and do some must needed dusting! But as I ponder how I want to decorate for Spring, I am going to try very very hard to SIMPLIFY! I just love the simple look but that is very difficult for me because I have SOOOO many things but I will try and see what happens. I usually change out all the smalls every three months or so! Janet :)

  3. naw! I got it too yesterday..put away the valentine decor so had to fill up the empty space...and it just snowballs and domino effects from there..my furr ball poses too..she is actually photogenic and loves her picture taken I think..thanks for the photo....:)

  4. I love the way your apartment looks...I bet it is so cozy to come home to from a long day at work!
    Your own little cozy haven!!
    I just love to thrift and redo...then I change things around from there!

  5. Hi Terry,
    Everything looks great!! I haven't done much tweaking lately...but when I get started I'm then on a roll. You know...if this goes here then you must move this other thing there and on and on it goes!! LOL... But I do love changing things around...they somehow just look new and fresh again when put in a new spot.

  6. Terry - I think you've come up with a new word! I love it - tweakitis! Love seeing pictures of your baby - someday I'm going to have a Maine Coon. I really enjoy seeing his photos. Keep them coming ~Ann

  7. I have had the same symptoms today! The hubby was home so we got a few home improvement projects finished that we had been putting off! Of course, that led to cleaning, which led to rearranging!
    I can't help myself!

  8. Hi Terry! Congrats on your 50th! :)
    I haven't tweaked that much lately, but it seems like once i move one thing.....it turns into a NEVER ENDING process...one tweak leads to another, and another and before I know it...I'm tweaking non-stop! :) LOL!
    Everything looks great at your place, girl!!
    Enjoy your day-Kath

  9. Hey Terry
    No I don't have my key chain yet...I think I get it at 10%, just a few more pounds!
    All your tweaking looks wonderful! Beth


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