Sunday, February 15, 2009

So many plans, so little time

Hi Prim Buddies!
First of all, thanks to all of you who thought about and/or reacted to my last post and left me your comments. Whether you agreed or disagreed with what I said about our current state of affairs, I appreciate that we are all good citizens and have the blessed right to share our opinions. Now that the stimulus bill has been passed, I so hope that things become at least a little easier for all of us. I had so many plans this weekend, but it went by way to fast, and I didn't get to half of it. Remember I told you about my ottoman that upped and collapsed a few weeks ago? The furniture store sent a repairman over on Saturday, and he fixed it like that (snap!). He showed me how shabbily the frame had been stapled (STAPLED????? for that $$$???) so he drilled nails all of the way around and reinforced it. He also told me never to by an ottoman with casters, because the casters are not placed properly and can't bear the weight. (good to know for the next time). So, anyway, by the time he left, it was late afternoon and it was time for this. (Is there a head in there somewhere?) Appropriate pillow for V-Day, huh!?!?!
After a short little nap, I decided it was time for some tweaking in the kitchen. I decided to repaint my jelly cabinet. Here's the 'before' in my 'mustard' phase...
And now, in a warmer brown...

And then didn't I just see the fabulous pics on Linda's blog and there was my jelly jar in brown!!! Wow! What a fabulous link she added to check out -- and I could easily get onto that prim/colonial gray. What a great color. BTW, the chicken sitting on top is a family heirloom -- started with my grandmom, then my little mom, and she gave it to me last year.
I had to do something with the little bookcase that was sitting on top of it, so I repainted it. For now its in my dining room, but I'm not sure where it will finally end up.
I also found this little miniature cabinet on a shelf in my closet, but it was that old hunter green. Went unused for years! So I repainted it and will add some little grunged tea candles just to fill the shelves. That's all I got to this w/e, because as planned, I did the taxes for my mom and myself. Here it is Sunday nite-- I never got to clean out my hall closet, but I'll get to that this week. I can only imagine what goodies are stuffed in there waiting for a redo!
I forgot to tell you that I did have a good weigh-in last week at WW -- lost 1.4 pounds! One of my meeting buddies had this cup with her. I had no idea that both Dixie and Chinette make these cups with a lid-- an idea to save some money by taking my own coffee when driving around, instead of leaving $$ at my local Dunkin Donuts. What a great idea!
So, that's my weekend news... hope everyone enjoyed V-Day and has a good week... don't forget my giveaway deadline is WEDNESDAY --and all are welcome to enter! (Lurker followers are welcome!)


  1. I love the jelly cabinet! The chicken on top is wonderful! I love anything chicken and roosters! Glad your ottoman was repaired - I hate when you think you are paying good money for something that turns out to be built very cheap! Glad all is going well now!

  2. Hi Terry-

    Glad ya got that ottoman fixed ;)
    Love all your tweakin/painting!
    I am not a "mustard" person, never really liked that color for my pieces, I really like the browns-black, greys and antique whites...I Love how yours turned out, looks very nice in brown!!
    Congrats on your W/L!!! :)

    Have a great day-Kath

  3. Good morning, Terry!
    What do you mean that's all you got done?? I think you accomplished alot. I love all the tweaking that you have done & your jelly cabinet turned out great. And you got the taxes done. I did ours last week. Have a great week.

  4. WoW! You amaze me at how fast you get things finished!!!!
    I am still pondering a small redo that should have been done over the weekend...just can't decide about the color. Therefore, still no post on my blog!! UGH
    Congrats on the weight loss. You will be gracing the beaches in a bikini in no time!!

  5. Hi Terry,
    I think you got alot done after that power nap:) Love the jelly cabinet done brown and the little cabinet is adorable:)

    Congrats on the weight loss you have been doing great!


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