Thursday, February 5, 2009

Insane 2 days!

Well, my sweet prim buddies, I am one day away from submitting this project at work that has consumed my boss and myself for over a month no time to blog until after tomorrow... but I had to say hello and tell you all that I am following your blogs during breaks. I am so jealous of Rondell's finds ( at the TS, especially that fabulous little candle shelf. Fabulous find! Everyone has gotten such great stuff this week, and I can't get out of the house long enough to go anywhere. Boohoo! So you know where I'll be this weekend. I have friends coming in from Colorado this w/e, but they are only in Philly until Sunday. So hopefully, I get some time to indulge in my thriftie hunt after visiting with friends that go back to our junior high days.

While I was yelling at my boss this morning on the phone (she was driving me nuts) and really about to totally lose it from being over-coffeed and over-smoked, overworked, and undersleeped (is that a word??) and I look over to see this:

Need I say more??? What a life!!!! Taking up TWO sitting areas, no less!!! what a lazy slob, huh? :>)


  1. Terry ~
    Glad your project is almost finished. Have fun with your friends.


  2. HI Terry,

    Good luck on finishing that project that is driving you and your boss nuts! Have a great weekend with your old friend!

  3. Rondells find are freakin' awesome!
    You better hurry up with that project and hit those Thrify stores...I need to see more finds!
    Enjoy your weekend with your friends!

  4. Hi Terry!....Good luck on your project and that big furry boy is just precious! Janet :)

  5. Hi Terry,
    I know you'll find some neat, prim things this w/e after you visit with your friends:) I did the pantry boxes today and also painted the candle shelf now I just have to find the sandpaper:0 I'll post a pic tomorrow:)

  6. Hi Terry,
    Oh the life of a kitty cat!! Hope you have a wonderful visit with your friends this weekend...and have fun when you get to the thrift shops. I just know you will find something great.

  7. Good luck on your thrift store hunt this week! I hope all goes well with your project and you finally have that off of your plate!

  8. enjoy your weekend with friends and some TS too..I love your lazy little slob..thanks for the photos...
    Gina ;)


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