Sunday, February 8, 2009

there are no friends like old friends!

All friends have such value in our lives, but is there any friend as special as the one that started junior high school with you, that went through your first puppy-love break-up, the one that learned how to drive a car with you -- and all the wild unmentionables you did as a teenager in the 60's??? Deb and I had such a great day yesterday (that's me with the purple tee shirt, and Deb next to me with her new shortie haircut). We went through barrels of coffee, caught up on all our news (family and otherwise) it was great. She moved out to Colorado about 10 years ago, so I only get to see her when she comes in to see her kids (and me!). She is also a WW graduate, and also a lifetimer.
After she left to spend some time with her kids, I ran up to the TS to see what was up. We had a gorgeous day yesterday -- warm and sunny. Didn't want to waste it. I was a little disappointed in that the shelves were not too full and what they did have was to "Springy", but I did get a few goodies to work on today. I really love the salt box which I will paint, and see what I can do with the candle holder, which is really beat up. I hate to sound like a curmudgeon, but the spring stuff isn't for me (I like what you all do with Spring stuff-- just not for me). I think that it reminds me that it's gonna get hot again soon, and I just don't like the summer. I love winter/fall colors, scents, and decorating.
Got this little bowl, too, as well as this little candleholder thingie that I'll clean up and paint. You can see the Big Boy's butt (!!) as he was checking out my thrifties. You know he has to get into everything! I'll let you know how how the redos turn out.
And didn't I forget that I was tagged by Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives? I had to pull the 4th file/4th pic.. and here it is. How surprised are you that it turned out to be a pic of the Furball taking his 12th nap of the day?? Look at the furry belly!

And don't don't I feel like a dufus?? I asked Deb why I can only hold 5 pics on my camera, and she was like, where is your memory card? Huh??? LOL!! Thanks to Donna at who kindly left me a post telling me the same thing. I'll pick one up today when I'm out prowling for goodies for my giveaway that marks my 50th post!! Like, DUHHHH!! LOL. Yes, I'm such a techie. (NOT!)

Have great Sunday! I'll be finally relaxing doing my redos and not worrying about the biggie project that went out yesterday. Finally, life returns to normal.


  1. Good Morning Terry!....yes old friends are so very special....mine are back in Southern California where I grew up and I've only exchanged notes and photos with them since we moved to the East Coast in 2001 so I do miss them....your thrify finds are going to be fun to fix up, enjoy! Janet :)

  2. Terry~
    Hummmmm! I'm browsing your pictures of your thrifty finds seeing what you can send me!
    I see that bowl...and the salt box...and the candle holder....and...LOL
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time catching up with your friend.
    I am having a difficult time finding stuff at the thrift store too! Their inventory is extremely low! I'm hoping that when people start their Spring cleaning the thrift store shelves will be loaded!
    Hurry and get your thrifties redone so that we can drool!

  3. I love that bowl Terry, and the saltbox will look great painted!

    Glad you got to spend time with your Jr. high friend, when I married Stush I was reunited with everyone from then and is so fun to run into them.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hi, Terry!
    I'm so glad you had fun with your friend. It's a shame that she is so far away. You both are so cute! Love your thrift finds & can't wait to see them redone. Have a wonderful, relaxing day now that the BIG project is finished.

  5. Well Terry, finally a face with the are a beautiful gal..and Love your friends sassy hair cut...and oh thank you..I got my fix of mr. butterball and his budda belly....I just feel it now...I could seriously eat him up..have a great week...
    Gina ;)

  6. Hi Terry,
    Sounds like you had a great time with your friend. My oldest friend that I've know since I was 10 yrs old also lives in Colorado. We have known each other for 40 years now, but when we have a chance to is like no time has past at all.
    Love your TS goodies. Can't wait to see the redo's of them.

  7. I love the bowl with the handle...I just saw one on another blog! I want one too! Beth

  8. Hi Terry!
    What a special day with a special friend! Great pic of ya both!
    Love that bowl :)

    Enjoy your day!


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