Wednesday, April 29, 2009

one teeny tiny redo

Hi blogbuds,

Well, the heat wave finally broke, and how happy I am. It's a little rainy and damp here in Philly today, but I love it. Finally dipped down to mid-50s.
I have one small redo to show you -- isn't It great how we can 'borrow' (aka steal!) ideas form each other? Rondell had this cool idea to pewter-ize using paint, so I decided to try it. I didn't spray paint it -- too small an item -- but this is what I did to a lamp I had done in black a while back...

I love how it came out! Thanks, Rondell!

I really should be working right now, but I was having a hard time staying focused on work. I would love to just have a few days free to craft and tweak... oh well. Will be taking a few days off at the end of May.

My baldy boy looks like a little squirrel with big ears. He doesn't even take up the entire chair any more!! LOL. Nap time, as usual. (see that Sweet Annie pack peeking out?? I took the suggestion and found it on the Internet!) No way I can buy it here in Philly.

Well, my dear Wednesday bloggers, I had better get back to work.... have a great day and enjoy the cool weather! Will check back and see what you all have been working on today.

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  1. The lamp turned out great! I'm really thinking of doing my light fixture that goes over my diningroom table, just a little scared to try.

    I've been peeling wallpaper off YUCK!
    I think we are having the same weather as you...had to close all the windows:)

  2. Just wanted to say hello and thank you for the kind words on my stitcheries. I live in the Fox Chase area of Philly. Is that near you? Love your primitive place and the pewter lamp you did.
    I have a old hurricane lamp that could use that treatment.

  3. I think your big boy is ashamed of his hair cut! He won't even pose for the camera...How sad is that?!
    I really like the lamp pewterized....Paint is such a wonderful thing!

  4. I love how your lamp came out with that pewter paint! Awesome look!! I was thinking about shaving my fat cat for the summer and now I think I will after seeing that you did it.

  5. Hi Terry...I just came across your blog thru A Hole In The Basket Primitives. Good job on the lamp. I also have a 20 pound Maine coon. What a lug! We also have a Siberian and she only weighs 7 lbs. but is velco'd to one of us all day. She's afraid she's going to miss something....LOL

  6. The lamp turned out really good!It seems to match your candle snuffer perfectly well.

  7. What a wonderful job you did on that lamp! It looks great!

  8. Hi Terry..great job on the lamp...
    Prim Blessings...


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