Monday, April 20, 2009

The living room redo is DONE!

Good morning blogbuds!
I must say that when I am determined, I'm determined!! What a weekend! Every muscle (even those I didn't know I had!) is aching, but the paint job is finito! It will be another 10 years before I do this again, trust me! This job was a tougher than I expected; I guess because I decided not only to paint the room, but to move the furniture around as well. So I am stiff and sore, but I really like what I accomplished. These pics are not the greatest, because the light is really pouring in, but I think you'll get the general idea.I painted the walls a neutral beige, which matches what I did in the dining room at Christmas. It is a tad darker than the pics make it look.
The sofa is now on the short wall , and the fireplace and bookcases are moved across the room to the long wall.
I love this wooden plate I found at the concession shop last week. It looks hand-done, but I can't tell. No marks on the back.Very prim!

This is the wall that a had a zillion pictures and other pieces of crap hiding the holes, and all old bookcase marks and drill holes. Now spackled and painted and much cleaner and simple. Getting this wall done made the whole thing worth it. I just hated all the damage I had done to it over the years.

I found this spice rack at the same shop I found the wood plate, I liked it because it is a little different, with the grill work on the back. Two great finds!

So, I hope you like the redo. It is so much more comfortable less cluttered, and with clean walls with some space! Of course I'll tweak things until they are just perfect (until the next tweak!) but for the moment, this looks so much larger and roomier.
I still have 2 more big projects. Lisa from has inspired me to tackle my laundry area, which luckily is behind folding doors-- what a royal mess! And, I have to again do my den, which I just did a few months ago and is now a junk room again. But I won't start them for a while -- I need a rest after yesterday! I started at 5am, ended at 3p, then did wash and food shopping. I must be really wacko. It had to be done, but it was a lot for one day. Saturday I helped my mom buy new air conditioners and get her hair done, so that was busy, too.
When I was out and about on Saturday, I grabbed my camera. It was such a gorgeous day -- (a little hot for me, but anything above 70 is too hot!) It was close to 80. Sun shining, everything blooming. This is the road in front of my apartment, and the tree at the end of the road.I think Spring is sprung, but today is rainy and cold (yipee!)

Well, I must get moving-- today is a work day. Hope everyone has a great day and that the sun is shining where you are!~~~Terry


  1. Love the wall color and it does make it look bigger:) We will be painting too...livingroom and diningroom, I hate the thought of the mess but it really needs done:)
    Love the plate and rack, you did a great job on it.

  2. Hi Terry!....I just love a freshly painted room! always feels so good to move all the furniture and clean behind stuff, you accomplished a great deal! is raining and cooler here in Central Virginia today as well....the weekend was much too hot for me and the upcoming weekend is going to be miserable as the forecast is upper eighties, yuck! Janet :)

  3. The room looks great Terry! Love that shelf with the wire backing...that is really cool!! Brenda

  4. Terry - Everything looks great!! I love that spice rack and that old prim plate is awfully nice as well : )

    Can't wait to see what you do with your laundry room. I love how I feel after I spring clean and change things around, but have you ever noticed that one thing always leads to another (lol)?

    Have a great week!!

  5. First - I love knowing someone else who hates anything above 70!! Sometimes I feel so alone in that group! FInally - a kindred spirit! And secondly, the room looks great. having just finished a big redo, I know how you feel - exhausted and elated at the same time. You deserve a break before the next project!!

    hugs, Linda

  6. I enjoyed seeing what you have been doing, you do deserve a rest.
    I am with you on the temperature over 70 is to hot under 40 is to cold. It is cloudy here but, pleasant.

  7. Ahhh! Fresh paint and a tweaked room...You must be feeling fabulous!
    Don't you just love being able to move your fireplace from place to place?
    I really like your jewelry box turned spice cabinet. It makes my heart swell with pride that someone would like something that I did!
    Have a great week!

  8. Hi Terry, everything looks great. I really like your couch along the short wall. You did a great job. You do deserve a rest. I have to agree with you about the weather. I, too, like the weather to be under the 70's. I guess that is why Autumn is my favorite season. Have a great evening.


  9. Hi terry,
    Everything looks great!...and all the tweaking too!! I always love seeing what you've been doing...can't wait to see your laundry room when you get it done.


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