Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another new computer-yikes!

Well, blogbuds, I am now on my 3rd computer in 4 months! This time, I bought my own so this one better last forever! You might remember that right after the holidays, my desktop crashed. Then I was using the office laptop. That crashed on Saturday morning (that one had been used by several people in the past so it wasn't totally unexpected). My computers do not seem to like holiday weekends, since that is when they pick to crash! I now have a brand new one and (knock wood) I think this one is a keeper. Meanwhile, I lost all of my pictures that were on the old laptop, as well as all of my borders and web dividers, because the motherboard died and the laptop can't be opened. At least I have the pics that are on my 2 slide shows that I can download. But I will have to replenish everything I lost.

Did you hear that I won a giveaway!!!??? Yes, I won Beth's giveaway at http://ragggedyangel.blogspot.com/!!! I am so excited, because I have NEVER won a giveaway, ever!! So thank you Beth, and I'll be sure to show pics!

I still haven't had a chance to finish all of the GW goodies, but I did want to show you what I did with the shelf. It looked like this when I got it:and I painted it and aged it to look like this: I decided to be practical with this one and use it in the kitchen:
I'm really getting back into some prim colors, so I redid one of my spoon holders to look like this.
You can't quite see the black peeking through in this pic -- I really like the black as an undercoat and the prim colors as a top color and then sanded. You can see that with the little drawer thingie that is now finished.
Well, the guys are here doing some maintenance in the apt, and making a mess. Of course. BIG FAT LAZY FURRY BOY has to be watching, supervising, and just generally getting in their way! Good thing they like kitties! He just has no fear of anyone!Hope everyone has a good day. As soon as the guys leave, I'm off to see clients, and we're having a rainy day here. In fact, we're supposed to have rain for the next 3 or 4 days (April showers bring May flowers, right?) Later! Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Love what you have done with your makeovers!! And I do hope that your new computer lasts for quite some time!!

  2. I love your shelf and little drawer thingie!
    You once again mastered the prim technique!
    Enjoy your new computer!

  3. Sorry to hear about the computer problems you been having. Hope your new computer last for a very long time.
    Love the makeovers!! Love how you are using the shelf to hold your kitchen soap bottles. Great idea!!

  4. Hi Terry...sorry to hear about your computer
    have been through it several times...and this one is about to bite the dust too I am afraid..
    love what you done with all your goodies...they all look great...
    Congrats on your win...and have fun with your new computer...
    Prim Blessings...

  5. Terry,
    Sorry about all of your computer problems and I hope your new one lasts a long time. Mine has been a little annoying lately so I have to back everything up before it takes a dive. I love your new prims ~ love the prim colors over black, too. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Terry, thanks for your input this morning. I'm telling you, it's a hard place to be in, seeing tears like that! She's 10, but comes across more like 12 or so. She knowa what's going on is just to stupid, but it's still hard to be at the receiving end.
    Have a great day! (Lovin the redos!!)


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