Monday, May 4, 2009

rainy days

How are my blogbuds today? We are in day 4 or 5 of rainy, gloomy days, so haven't gotten out to the GW or TS this weekend. Took the w/e to just chill and read and relax. Great days for a little nap here and there.
Well, as I knew was coming, our salaries at work were cut, and pretty substantially. I will have to be very careful what I buy and not give in to the "I wants" -- stick more to the "I needs" -- altho, I hope to take off Friday with my GF and drive up to Judy's shop in Hereford, PA (Cinnamon Sticks) -- just take a day to see the rural side of our area. When I'm sure I have the day off, I will let Judy know I'm coming and will for sure take the camera! Can't let this all get me down -- it is what it is and everyone is experiencing the money woes. Nurses being cut and laid off all over the place here in Philly, so I'm grateful I still have a job and my bennies.
This will be a shortie since I have to get to work, but just wanted to check in and say hello. Hope to have some new pics tomorrow, if I have time to stop at GW on my way to work. I did so much work in here the last few months that I don't have anything really new to show!!
Have a good Monday! Baldy Boy very happy with his buzz cut and getting into trouble! Climbing all over everything now that he feels free of all that hair!


  1. Oh I would LOVE to go to the Cinamon Sticks...go a treat yourself to one last spending spree Before you tighen your budget belt! Beth

  2. Hi Terry! I'm enjoying the cooler temps so the cloudy/rainy days don't bother me a bit. Tis true the money woes, we are self employed and are really feeling the pinch to say the least....not being able to spend money is NO FUN AT ALL boohoo! I sure hope things improve for EVERYONE real SOON! Janet

  3. Rain is coming our way. sorry about the work cut. looking forward to seeing the pictures from this Friday

  4. Have a great time at the Cinnamon Stick, would love to go there someday:) Sorry about the cut but I have high hopes that things will turn around sooner than we expect them too:)

  5. Terry,
    I'm so sorry about your salary being cut. As a former nutse, I never thought I would see the day when nurses were being laid off. Have fun at the Cinnamon Stick ~ Judy seems like such a nice person. Can't wait to see pics.

  6. Hi Terry...I'm new to your blog and loved your slide show of your apartment. Very cozy and inviting! I love your cat! We have a 20 lb. Maine coon male that is tri-colored and is such a big baby! Don't know how he ever got that way...ha ha!

    We live in western PA and the economy has not changed too much. We are in a small rural town so maybe that makes a difference. Hope things will be alright for you. :)

  7. Hi Terry,
    Sorry to hear about the pay cut. I keep hoping that things will turn around soon. Maybe you can treat yourself to one little thing at Cinnamon Stick, but I know you will have fun no matter what when you go to visit.
    hugs, Cindy

  8. Hi Terry,

    When nurses get laid off and salaries cut, you know things are bad. I hope it turns around soon. In the meantime, enjoy a trip to the Cinnamon Stick!! hugs, Linda


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