Tuesday, April 28, 2009

100th post giveaway!

Hey bloggers! I'll be approaching my 100th post (yeah, can you believe it!?) in just about 2 weeks or so! I'd like to show my appreciation to my blog followers by offering this little prim giveaway..
This giveaway includes:
  • a nice big bunch of everyone's new favorite -- Sweet Annie!
  • two candle nubs, nicely scented with spice
  • a nice piece of red and white homespun fabric wrapped around a hand-dipped candle
  • all of the goodies in a wooden tray (with handle which is covered by the Sweet Annie)!
Here's another view... The winner of Big City Prim's 100th post giveaway will be picked and posted on Saturday May 16 (Armed Forces Day). To win:
  • You need to be a blog follower of Big City Prims, new or old doesn't matter.
  • You just need to email me that you want me to enter your name/blog (that way I can keep accurate track of who's who!)
  • I wish postage was lower, but since it has gotten so expensive, you need to be a resident in the USA or Canada.

That's it! My email addy is in my profile.

Nothing else new from this end.... my little mommy FINALLY got her new air conditioners installed yesterday (it was only 90 degrees -- the poor installers were sweating big time, as was I!) -- so she's happy. I told her (only half-joking) that the temp was rapidly approaching her age!! The unseasonable heat is supposed to break tonite after a big thunderstorm, so I will say goodnite~ hope everyone is ok~ I've been reading everyone's blog and drooling over your great pics!!


  1. You are reaching 100 already? That is fantastic!
    I miss not seeing any redo's on todays post...maybe next time..huh?
    I have wanted sweet annie ever since I have seen that everyone but me has it! LOL
    Have a good night and I hope that the heat wave breaks for you soon!

  2. Hi there! I'm way across the oceans in Japan, not commenting here to win but just to say "Congratulations on reaching 100 posts!".

  3. Hi Terry,

    I am slowly returning to the normal - whatever THAT is! LOL. I think half of my brain cooked the last few days. Loved waking up cold this morning.

    Congrats on 100 posts... I leave the winning to someone else as I have all thos goodies so someone else who doesn't has a better chance of winning.

    Now I am off to catch up on things I put off since before I went to Maine!!

    hugs, Linda

  4. OHhhhh you had me at the sweet annie! I love how it looks with everything! Congrats on the 100th post!! Goes by fast doesn't it???
    Hope your day is great!

  5. What a lovely giveaway...wish I could enter but I dont think you could send it into Oz because of the natural ingredients in it...what a lovely blog you have too by the way...Khris in Oz


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