Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi Blogbuds,
Why would I be inside on a beautiful sunny Sunday, you ask? Because it is 90 degrees again!! Yuck!!!! Like so many other bloggers that I've been checking in on, the a/c is officially 'on' for 2009. It was brutal yesterday as well, so I ran errands (as you'll soon see) but opted to not go back to Elfreth's Alley yesterday. First of all, the city is usually a few degrees hotter than the 'burbs because of the high rises and cement. Second, I heard that the gift shop doesn't really have goodies -- more like tourist-y stuff. So, it was sure not for me yesterday, esp in a sudden heat wave! But I did get some stuff done, including a trip to the TS!

Sometimes a haircut can be transforming, yes? I've heard that it can make you look thinner -- but how about 1/2 the size you started out as?? Check this before and after -- LOL!

Poor thing could barely clean his back he was so fluffy. And I brush him daily, too. After:

Tee hee!! Yes, it is the same boy, but after a trip to the groomer. He looks a little bald and about 1/2 the size! The floor was just covered with hair as he was shaved, and trimmed, and now he looks (and acts) like a baby. He is strutting around with quite a 'tude -- jumping on everything he was toooo hairy to risk before! He's being very mischievous today. I get him groomed yearly as it gets warmer so he not covered with all that hot hair. He's looking a bit scrawny, but he's happy and funny. By the fall, the hairy boy will be back. The groomer just loves him -- he's so good when he's getting pampered. Most cats hate it, but not this one.
After I took the lazy boy home, I took a quick trip to the TS and picked up a few things.

Picked up this little goodie for all of $1.00 and turned it into this...
And, I picked up this for 75 cents... did a little re-paint...

to this...

I love this candle snuffer that was only $2.00.
Last week, I did a little grouping in the kitchen -- just turned the crate sideways.

And that's about it!! So what did you do this weekend? Is it hot where you are??


  1. Hey Terry, we are brushing and brushing our pody ann the one that looks like your fluff ball/er baldy now..and I am saving her hair to needle felt with know make some kittys.. with the kitty hair..unfortunately she would hate the groomers..your baby is precious though..great finds by the way..did you read my entry from saturday and see the slew I came into..I can't wait to get painting and putting labels on them...gotta make some much buying and not enough selling...
    have a great weekend and stay I am so glad we don't have your heat..we are about 56 today and sunny..perfect for this time of year..we washatonians hate anything above 75..I know you are probably wishing for that right now..;)

  2. Terry - Your kitty is so cute! I bet he feels alot cooler. Do you think he minds the buzz cut (lol)?

    Your TS goodies look great. I especially like the little mail holder or at least that is what I would call it.

    It is definitely warm here today, but with all our windows open, there is a nice breeze coming through our home!

    Stay cool : )

  3. I know your Kitty thanks you for the new look and the coolish of it. Maybe there is no such word. Lol !
    It has been very hot here for several days. I really like the 70ish days best.
    Love you new treasures.

  4. Hi Terry!....yes it is WAY TOO HOT, 94 right now, I have the thermostat set at 77 which is STILL TOO HOT and the A/C is crankin' away....if that thing ever breaks I'll die!....Furry Boy looks much cooler, my Katie is technically short haired but she sure is shedding right now, I keep brushing to keep the hair out of her tummy....she hates going bye-bye, she howls like she's in pain, I can't stand it! Janet

  5. Hi Terry,
    Great thrift shop finds and redos!! Your kitty looks like he will be much more comfortable in this very warm weather that we are having. It has been really pretty outside, but alittle too hot too soon for me.
    Have a great week.

  6. You got some great finds & did some great redo's. Kitty has got to be feeling much better with the heat temps rising up!


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