Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Love that mailman!

Ohhhh, I came home from work yesterday and found a BIG box in front of my door!! Dontcha love when that happens? It was my fabulous giveaway from Beth at Raggedy Angel http://ragggedyangel.blogspot.com/. How sweet of Beth to find the time to mail this while redoing her new house!! Some wonderful treats were in the box....

A wooden bowl just chock full of Sweet Annie (which I cannot find ANYWHERE here in Philly) and some homespun wrapped in ribbon...and...a the cutest sign... THANK YOU BETH!! I love my goodies!!

Speaking of giveaways, I will be approaching my 100th posting in about two weeks, so I am planning my own special giveaway. Stay tuned for more info!

I just HAD to do a redo when I got home last night, stiff and sore as I was. I wish I could show you the before pic, bit of course that went bye-bye when the old laptop crashed. It was a GW that had a coffee sign on it. Ahhh, didn't like it. So, I did the green-blue first coat, then the black, then sanded.

Can't quite see the undercoat here, but it is there. Much better!
Did you see those glorious pictures of Scotland over at Robyn's blog? http://gloryriverprimitives-robby.blogspot.com/ -- if not, click over there -- it's a real treat. Lovely.
Well, this must be a shortie as I am on my way out to try to drum up business. Things still pretty tense -- hospitals laying off nurses like crazy. Unbelievable, really.
Have a great day -- it's getting warmer here (boo hoo) after a nice rainy cold day yesterday. It's gonna jump into the 80's on Saturday. Yuck!


  1. O you lucky girl. What wonderful gifts...

    Have a beautiful day.
    Hugs Pam

  2. I want so Sweet Annie too!
    What does it smell like? I hear everyone say it smells amazing!
    You received some great goodies...you lucky girl!!
    I like your re-do...but then again, I always do!
    Have a great day! And good luck drumming up business!

  3. Congrats on your winnings Terry!....I posted a picture of my Katie on Saturday if you wanna have a peek! Janet :)

  4. Oh boy-look at the goodies! Lucky YOU! Congrats!
    Enjoy your day, Terry.


  5. Terry,
    Congrats on winning the giveaway, you got such fabulous prims. I love sweet annie & I have it pretty much in every room of the house. It smells divine & now I'm ordering some tarts that have the same scent. This year I'm going to try & grow some & dry my own (we'll see how that works out), LOL. Anyway I've always bought mine online, there are several places that sell it. I like the preserved best ~ not the dried, it seems to last longer. I can't believe they are laying off nurses, that's one field I've always thought was safe. I retired after 30 yrs. of nursing. Good luck.

  6. Hi Terry,
    Congrats on winning the giveaway...what great goodies you got from Beth!! I love your redo!
    hugs, Cindy

  7. Where are your bag of chicks...hope you did not throw them out with the trash...LOL..I know I put em in there. Glad you liked it. Your paint and redos look great! Beth

  8. What sweet winnings! Just in time for the living room re-do huh?

    I sent the link to that house to karen, Bonnie and some of the other gals in the APP forum a few weeks ago so that is probably where you saw it. Amazing huh?

    Are you getting the 80+ degrees we are Friday and Saturday? I thought of you when I heard that. You can groan with me - ok?? I am sure 99% of the other gals will enjoy it so we need to keep each other company! LOL


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