Monday, April 6, 2009

Some redos and a new slide show

Wow, what a busy weekend. I finally finished the spring cleaning AND I got some redos finished AND I did a new slide show! In between, I watched the 1st episode of The Tudors which I just love. What a fabulous series on Showtime... I'm addicted.
Speaking of a showtime (heh heh) if you'd like to see my redos and some updated decorating stuff, check out my new slide show. Click the icon on the right! I still can't quite get the lighting right, but I'll figure it out sooner or later! Maybe by the Fall update??

Here's just a few things I did this weekend...

The basket with the bunnies became my bread basket. While in the kitchen, I added a new back splash after a visit to Home Depot for some sandpaper.

I took apart an old footstool and made a box for my work-related papers and documents... just needed a paint job and some aging...I think I want to try to label or stencil these boxes that I picked up from the TS. Not sure if I like them like this.
Oh, and I was so busy doing my happy dance, that I forgot to show you the stuff from the other bag! LOL. I picked up yet another one of these and didn't do a thing to it except add some of my late aunt's silver from the collection she left me.
And I love my milk jug!

So that's it! I am yawning to beat the band here, so I'll say goodnight! Hope everyone had a good day! Everyone has posted such great stuff this week!


  1. Hi Terry,
    Love the redos!! and of course, I love the back splash cuz it looks like me. After putting makes the kitchen feel like a whole new room. Love it!!

  2. Love your re-dos!!
    Love your new backsplash...LOL-doesn't it always work that way...stop in at a home improvement store for one simple thing and ya come out with something like a new back splash!!! :) Looks wonderful, Terry!

    Have a great day!

  3. Love your slide show Miss poopoocat!
    I know that I have said this many times before...but it must be said again...your apartment is so cozy!
    I am amazed that you made that box out of a footstool! How in the heck did you do that?!
    Hope you get the rest that you deserve. But the lack of sleep sure doesn't stop your creativity!

  4. Terry, We watch the Tudors too. It's amazing to see what a tyrant King Henry was. Have you read the book The Six Wives of King Henry VIII? It is a good book, however you will find the Showtime version has taken a FEW liberties. The basic story is there but infused with a lot of fiction.
    Hi to Kitty


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