Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Closet Gem and Old Books

Good morning blogbuds,
I happened to dig into my closet shelf last evening trying to find something, and I came across an old bookshelf that I have had for years. I wish I had thought to take a pic of it, but it was just the usual brown color. So, the brain cells started clicking. Pulled out the paint and mushed some colors together, sanded it a bit, and here's what came out of it.
So, I took my really old books, some of my classics, and added this to the bedroom.
Some wonderful classics in this pile.
Two of my favorites, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. A VERY old nursing ethics book from 1940 -- that's the one where the binding is ripped. English poetry. Ben Hur. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Books I grew up with. And these colors are so nice and worn and well-loved !! Hope everyone has a good day and enjoys the spring-like weather (unless it is snowing where you are!)


  1. WoW! That was a short post! LOL LOL
    I love the way those older books look on that shelf! And I like the way you "mushed" the colors together to get just the right look!
    Another genius re do!

  2. Oh I love Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights also, You did a fantastic job on the book case.

  3. The shelf looks great and the books,too.
    Will Spring ever get here????

  4. I love it! I could use one of those myself.... gosh I wish the yard sales around here would start, I so need to find myself some goodies.

  5. Hi Terry!
    Love the color you mushed came out great and those books are all good reads!


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